not waving but drowning

by minima

Trying to be supportive to recently-widowed mother while suffering from long-term depression myself

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  • secret baby picture

    New baby Isaac or maybe Zach (to be confirmed). Born 11.9.12, 9lbs. Cuddles with proud grandad J. Not allowed to post pictures to facebook, so you haven't seen this. ok? x x x
  • scattering ashes again: different ashes

    Talk about, it never rains but it pours... On Tuesday this coming week, my dear mama will be scattering my father's ashes. Next weekend, we may be scattering the ashes of father-in-law. That's all. I seem to remember reading in the book, The Shipping News , of a relative tipping ashes into an outside toilet. Funny the things that pop into one's...
  • a bit blah

    It's a month since J's dad's funeral and his house is awaiting being sold. It's odd driving into town and not going round to see him! J is 'okay' and 'fine' and hasn't said a word about his dad at all. Nothing! He appears quite cheerful and is busily getting on with life, so I just leave him to it and make sure he...

    It was quite a good day, for a Monday. It rained, of course, but I didn't collide with any deer on my way to work, didn't get held up in roadworks or stuck behind a tractor. When I got home, J was still out at his dad's but was back in time for tea. Today's alarming news was that my stepdaughter's dog had had a fit this morning...
  • the end of a chapter

    J's dad died about 3 a.m.on Saturday 23rd June 2012. We had bee tensed up waiting for it to happen since 8p.m. on Thursday... It was a difficult couple of days and nights (or however long it was) with 4 adults in his room at his bedside (his 3 offspring and me, there to keep an eye on J). On the last night we were joined by Margaret, a lovely...