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Being bored

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My dear mamma used to tell me that only boring people were bored. This is a painful thought; I must be positively stultifying, because, as things stand at present, I am pretty much climbing the walls - or I would be, if the walls in our house weren't made of cardboard, or close enough, and probably wouldn't take my weight. I'm thinking of poking out my own eyes just for the sake of something to do.

I still can't walk very far, and I hate having to depend on Judy to ferry me around. And people have stopped coming to visit, the novelty, presumably, having worn off. I can't say I blame them; since I never go anywhere or do anything, I have nothing to talk about. Hence: boring.

What can I do? Cook? I'm just not that enthusiastic about food at the moment. Garden? The garden is Judy's domain, plus the last bit of garden work I did knocked me out for several days afterward. The same goes for housework: I try and keep up with what really needs doing, but it's knackering. I did sew a button on a jacket the other day. I damn near broke out the flags and bunting to celebrate that achievement. Retail therapy is out of the question, as there's no money coming in - which is depressing enough all by itself. As for games ... I swear, when I come out the other side of this, assuming I do, I shall never want to play another game again.

About the only thing I have been doing is reading, and then writing snarky reviews of better writers than I am. (Here if you were wondering, which I doubt you were.) 

And just about everything is depressing: the news, the weather. The fact that the most excitement I'm likely to have in the near future is major surgery, which will then involve a long and grim-sounding recovery ...

It's being so cheerful as keeps me going. But, honestly, I think I'm about to grind to a complete .

  • My mum told me that too. Mind you, my mum told me a lot of weird stuff too so I don't hold her as a fount of wisdom. I remember being bored too, Hilary. I remember being in hospital and writing a diary and just writing bored bored bored on the paper! I sympathise. Of course, now I am so bloody busy that I am looking forward to lying around bored for a while. Having said that, once it happens I will hate it. I have no suggestions for you except recommending that poking your eyes out is not the best option. I tried knitting, felting, reading, games, staring at the spider on the ceiling, morphine, sleep.... I wrote papers on education in the end. I suggest you write cos you are good at it. But you are doing that already. I wish i lived closer cos then I would come and get you and take you out so you had something to talk about. When I am allowed out with the normals again in a car, I will look on a map to see where you are and maybe we could do something more interesting than studying spiders on ceilings....   I still say get kittens cos I am never bored watching kittens.... but I guess the others might sulk. Mind you, what's a cats sulk compared to boredom???  Wish I could wave a wand and make you unbored but I can't so have a hug instead... Little My xxxxx  
  • I enoyed the reviews :)) I didn't read all 300 yet though :P So now you need to write your won book which will take you longer than writing reviews and keep me grinning some more, a prely selfish motive I am afraid ;) I read an entire book today as lay in bed all day without any treatment. YAWN. But tomorrow the fun begins. It begins in a 4 bed ward, then I am moved in a day or two to my single room with a flat screen tv. I don't think the tv will stop me feeling like shite. But it may help.......... Big Unboring cwtchs to you my lovely, and I too will be coming along for that trip with LM, so watch out! Love and stuff xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I suppose doing a jigsaw is out of the question ? Okay, maybe that was dumb ....... but when I was extremely bored post-op I did drag a Thomas Kinkade jigsaw out and got pretty far with it ( it's currently still in a jig-roll thing waiting to be finished ) Amazingly, it did actually keep me occupied and it became a bit addictive ....... just another piece before I have to do so-and-so. Just a thought .......... Maybe writing is your forte ( I did have a look at the book reviews ) so write a novel ? Whatever, I am sure that once things get moving with the hospital you will feel a bit better. Wish I could be more constructive, but will send some hugs for you, Hilary. Love, Joycee xxx
  • Hilary, I spent so long being tired and bored and boring, but tried to put a positive spin on it by remembering that I was still alive to be bored etc. I listened to music, flicked through a few magazines (books required too much effort) and spent a lot of time bird watching or just admiring the view. I emailed and surfed the net, and some days I just snuggled into a blanket and tried to pretend i wasn't there! And you also have the added thing of waiting for something to happen...and it isn't like Christmas or a holiday...it could be unpleasant! Like LM life is just crazy busy at the moment, and the odd quiet day is to be cherished. Hopefully things will improve for you soon. I wonder if Cruton is available to whizz you away from boredom in the magic bin? Big hugs xxxxx
  • Hi Hils, I've been wracking my brain to think of something else you could do to avoid the boredom, something that isn't to physically demanding. Building rubber band balls, decorating rice (in an attempt to break some world record) or searching for alien worlds that are similar to Earth. Alas just like LM I know I am not much assistance, sorry. I'll just go and stick pins in my eyes and thrash myself to within an inch off my life for not being more helpful to you. Tight lines Tim xxx
  • Oh Tim, I was trying to think of something useful to type to hils and you've just made me chuckle lots with the rubber ball and rice stuff :))))))))))). What do you reckon Hilary?  How big can you make a rubber ball eh? And I once bought a necklace on hols abroard that a man inscribed my name on.  How amazing is that?  My name on a piece of rice! Can't think of any suggestions i'm sorry, so can only offer a hug instead ((HUG)). Takce care Jan xxxxxxxxx
  • Hils I wish I could magic you away in my magic bin or maybe you could write a children's story about the adventures of the magic bin.Tims suggestion of rubber band balls is something we used to do when we were bored at work on nights but wouldn't recommend it unless you have plenty of rubber bands.im sorry I don't have any usefull suggestions wish I had sending more hugs Cruton xxx
  • Rubber band balls also brought to mind paper clip necklaces, and painting flat stones. I know you said you aren't artistic but have you thought of painting by numbers??? You could learn Latin declensions...would also help if you have insomnia....Amo, amas, amat....... Ooh that book just gave me a headache. Reflexes aren't what they were! Just made myself jump when my hearing aid bleeped to tell me I need to change my batteries.....Oh that the rest of our bodies could improve by having a new battery, or perhaps being charged up!
  • Hi Hils, Trust me to come in late when all the best suggestions have gone. I sympathise Hils, but all my cures for boredom involve physical activity. I like writing as you obviously do, but I find you need a break from it or that can become boring too. Tv is mostly uninspiring. Fishing seems to be a very relaxing hobby. Fishermen get their favourite spot on the riveerbank, set up their rods and then go to sleep. They've even got alarms on their rods for when the fish bite. All that's needed is an electric motor to reel in the fish when the alarm goes off and they won't need to wake up til hometime. I hope you get some answers from the hospital soon, because that is what you really need. Meantime, I can only offer you some more hugs, Odin xxx
  • Thank you, everyone. I'm sorry to whine. I'm just so bored and isolated - I really miss having people to talk to, and going places, and seeing and doing things. Not even special things, just any old things. I have no doubt that, once I finally get my surgery date, I'll be wishing to have the boredom back again. Or, actually, I suspect I'll be even more bored, and even less able to do anything about it! Eh, that cancer, it's a bugger, innit? xxx
  • Hi Hils this is probably going to sound like a really stupid suggestion, but Tom kept himself from being bored by playing computer games... He used his playstation but there are free online games that I've seen before?? Otherwise, I'm sorry I can't think of anything else helpful!! Apart from plotting world domination Lots and lots of hugs, and hope you hear from the hospital soon CrazyCatLady xxxx  
  • Odin, I do like the way you have tried to get me to bite, hee hee! Well it won't work, I won't take the bait! Although just for the record I have no alarms, no electric motors and don't sleep during fishing. Tight lines Tim
  • Glad to hear you're a good old-fashioned hands-on fishermanTim. Must be why you keep winning - Tight lines Since there are no sensible suggestions Hilary, I can only suggest you just keep beating LM at WWF, Big hugs, Odin xxx
  • Hils, I challenge you to: 1) Teach yourself tatting 2) Write to your MP about Punch and Judy politics at PMQs. Mr. Speaker says the public hate it. 3) Buy a ball of string and learn macrame. For diversion, have you tried these on Twitter?: Larry the Cat, Jeremy Hardy, Grey Sky Thinking. xxx