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Windy problems after bowel surgery - help !

No. of entries: 6 | Posted on 11 Mar 2010 11:21 PM

Windy problems after bowel surgery - help !

  • Hello

    I am looking for advice and other's experiences following bowel surgery. 

    My biggest problem is coping with excessive wind and being able to control it in public situations !!  7 weeks ago I had an anterior ressection to remove a 5cm tumour from my rectum.  I recovered well at home for 6 weeks and obviously because of the surgery my  bowel habbits have changed and I find I pass more wind and pass stool in small amounts but frequently throughout the day - and night !

     I  have just gone back to work, but now realise that I was obviously quite "free and easy" with my wind at home, but now I am in the work environment, I am very conscious that I am having to "try" to keep the wind controlled and in and find myself rushing from my desk to the toilet which is down a flight of stairs!    Its only week 2 back at work and so far I have got away with it, but I am very very anxious that one day I am going to "let rip" !!

    I've read that Charcoal tablets might help.  Has anyone had experience of these?


  • Hi Suzie

    I had the same operation 3 months ago. I had a lot of wind initially too (especially before my first poo a week later), not sure if my wife really noticed the difference!

    That doesn't seem quite so bad now. I am still going to the loo a lot, probably 8 times a day and also at night. One problem I find is that it is hard to tell if I need a fart or a poo so I have to go the loo just incase (especially at night)

    I am hoping this is a short term problem but it has been 3 months now.

    I haven't let rip at work (in the office anyway) yet but who cares, its only a fart.! but then I am a boy.

    Better a fart from a living person than silence from a dead one.

    Sounds like you are doing really well so keep positive about your recovery.

    Best wishes


  • Hello Peter,

    Yes is different for boys !!!  You are right though and I shouldn't  worry so much about it.  I think  integrating back into the normal workplace has made me feel that actually I am not normal, I have (or had) cancer - its early days ...


  • Hi Suzie

    I too had the same problem as you after surgery, but it seems to have died down a bit now. I astounded myself, having not really had too much of a problem before, but trust me...I could have put most men to shame!

    I found that Wind Eze capsules did the trick for me. Before I discovered them though, I was the same as you - trying to hold it in, and ending up with the most awful wind pains!

    I haven't had any experience with charcoal tablets, so I can't help you with that, sorry 

  • Thanks Suki,

    I have tried some charcoal tablets and despite the fact they turn your mouth black, they have eased the situation.  I had some pinnapple the other night and could feel things gurgling so took some of the tablets and things settled down very quickly - most impressed !!

    I have also decided to take my own packed lunch to work with stuff I know doesnt set things off and go for a walk outside when I need to  - just like smokers take a "fag break " I will be taking a "wind break " !!!!

    Thanks for your reply.



  • Hello,

    If its any consolation it took me just over a year to settle down,I also spent a lot of time on the loo in the night.Now its generally 1 to 3 times a day and a lot less windy ,also I now eat just whatever I like.

    Go easy on yourselves and take time to recover.

    Best wishes ,