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  • Debs Daily Deliberations 92

    Debs_P's blog
    Evening All, Now you all know that I rarely do doom & gloom but today I am totally hacked off and feel like my chuckle muscle has been to the dentists and had an injection of that numbing stuff. I shouldn't complain, because so far 1. Brain surgery - doddle, home after 1 day 2. Staple Removal - hardly felt it 3. Radiotherapy - walk in the park apart from the hairloss. OK the brain swelling part wasn't very pleasant but the steroids soon put that in check. Went off to see my oncologist...
  • Home from hospital

    tgirl's blog
    A made it home from hospital late on Wednesday night, and I could tell from his face that being home was just totally brilliant. We watched Torchwood and Masterchef and then went to bed - it was wonderful to have him back! What is odd now is the utter normality of everything - we still wake up, feed the cats, do bits and bobs in the kitchen and nap on the sofa. It seems surreal when everything in your life has changed so much for it to be utterly the same - but at the moment we are away from the...
  • Hello its me!

    nanamoy's blog
    I have never blogged before and am not very computer literate(hence no picture).Maybe the number 1 son will add one for me later...... I have checked out some other entries and everyone seems to have been through much more and be so much braver and more jolly than me.I am currently ok after breast cancer four and a half years ago.I suppose I just want to be in contact with people who understand the worry in the background that it will return and at the back of that is fear of death I suppose although...
  • So sad

    Jill D's blog
    Just want to say sorry to all of you that were on this site this mornig New Zealand time.. I had some awful news while on the site so told everyone that i had to go and signed off. Once i had got over the shock i came back on to the site just needing to talk about it... No one wanted to listen to me and i got no response so i signed off again. Our dear and closest friend had a massive heart attack this morning and died. He has been one of our crew on the boat and was loads of fun. I only saw him...
  • Mobile Phone Directory Service

    Bren K30's blog
    This is posted on another forum I go on so make your own decision as to the validity or not of this. I am going to have a nose around on t'internetwebby thing to see if it is right. Dear All, Some of you may be aware of a company called - 118800 They will begin offering a directory service from next week that allows people to find the mobile phone numbers of people they don't know. It will cost £1 and use databases of numbers it said are freely available for purchase and in the public...