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  • Acceptance and moving on

    pollensarick's blog
    After a really good day at the hospice on Monday and sessions with two therapists and a doctor, I believe I have at last come to terms and accepted what is happening to me, it has taken a while but I am there. The hospice have been so kind with me and they are so wonderful in coaxing your feelings out of you. I have no time scale explained to me nor do i want to know I only know I am trying to enjoy every day I have left and enjoy the people I meet and talk with. Sadness is my biggest regret but...
  • Many Thanx

    ilawrie's blog
    Hello everybody!! Just want to thank you all who replied to my blog (30/06/09) Words of wisdom-right enough!! Oddly-the comments kind of cheer me up a bit. It`s all so comforting knowing that I can communicate with you guy`s. THANKYOU ALL!!!! (((hugs))) Irene x
  • A poem I wrote yesterday.

    Janet123456's blog
    Sometimes you need to say something and you can't say it to anyone around you. So I am posting it here. It seems so selfish to be tired. Tomorrow will be a better day. It's been 14 months since my Dad was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. My Boot I don’t want to be around death anymore. I want to run away. The words once so kind Have begun to turn sour. They will snip me again if I stay. There is still more time. I need to spend it enjoying the moments we can. Yet the growing need...
  • Are you sitting comfortably? Well I am now!!!

    Bren K30's blog
    Way back in January when it was ffffffreezing cold and no weather to be messing about with cars I took my car off the road at M.O.T time because I really wasn't up to doing what was needed to keep it in use. I bought a little cheapy piece of ...... (think of a word that rhymes with white) Escort off my brother in law to toddle about in for a short time. However, as is always the way, I got a bit better as work started to increase and that short time started to stretch into a marathon and the...
  • my first bog, fibromatosis a life sentance?

    sami_princess's blog
    Hi There, My name is Samantha im 23 and i have a condition called aggressive fibromatosis, the best desciption i have for this is a soft tissue non malignant-malignat tummor that is very localy agressive and recurring,an mine is rather infaltrive..but they do not metastasize like malignant cancers, but mine seams to send fealers or tubers out... it curntly takes up at larg part of my chest cavity, starting at the top of my ribs moving down between my ribs to my inner chest wall where it is so larg...