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    bradeley lady's blog
    I am sorry if i have upset anyone for feeling good for one day,while recovering from my treament for ovarian cancer to be called VERMIN and FILTH i feel you are the people who should be excluded from this site did you actually read my small blog or do you not understand ENGLISH i now understand why i was told not to use this site is this clear enough for the people who wrote those nasty things
  • Just a thought - helpful, I hope

    mikemdoc's blog
    I have just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. My bone scan is fine and I await the MRI to see if there is any local spread. I'm a retired GP and Christian. One problem is that I know too much and remember all the bad things with my patients, but I know that God has sent this my way for a purpose and that things will work out in His will. So far I'm on an anti-androgen and await the Zoladex injection on Monday. I also used to do hypnotherapy and am currently doing a visualization of my...
  • Not Ready To Let Go

    ilovehersomuch's blog
    Today has been a roller coaster of emotion and fears and I am still feeling very frightened, confused and angry. Today my mum ended up back in hospital with high calcium. I am aware that this can happen in the later stages of cancer. Fear took over me, and it still has, that my mum is further towards the end than I had thought and that maybe time is running out quicker than I had thought it would. Does God not know that I am not ready for him to take my mother away from me? Does God not know that...
  • Mum's Womb Cancer !!

    KarenTx2's blog
    Mum diagnosed with Womb Cancer after a Biopsy last week . After a CT Scan and MRI they told her today, it has spread to her ovaries, cervix and lymph nodes ... She has had a constant bleed for months but thought it was the Menopause, she has had abdomen pains for months . She is very doctor phobic and didnt go doctors for months .. Got to go to a consultation to find out what happens now .
  • First blog post, time to decompress........

    JonathanM's blog
    OK, been a roller coaster 3 weeks since I fitted 3 times in 45 minutes and was diagnosed extremely promptly with a brain tumour in my right frontal lobe. Using 20:20 hindsight all of the symptoms I'd encountered over perhaps a 3 1/2 month period all fitted into place, a waking headache on a couple of occasions, general feeling of malaise, some very subtle but now to me obvious symptoms of raised intra-cranial pressure, extremely poor memory, personality changes noted by those nearest & dearest...