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  • The fight continues

    HippyJo's blog
    John is still in the hospice and receiving wonderful care. He has moments when he feels very down and this is what upsets me the most as he is normally very upbeat and positive - he now has a chest infection on top of everything else but he is determined to fight his way back to health. Trying desperately to hold myself together but feel worn down because John is suffering so much. Hope that he will be home soon so that we can get on with our lives. Liam and I miss him so much. Thank you to everyone...
  • go abroad for treatment

    DAFFIE's blog
    Desparate situations call for desparate measures. he husband has terminal lung cancer, (mesothelioma). He has had all palliative treatment, radio and chemo that is available in the UK. He has found details of a clinic in Germany where a new method is giving chemo had been developed. He is desparate to try anything that might help him, and has been told after exchange of several e-mails that he is a suitable patient. The treatment is expensive, but that is not an issue. has anyone out there any experience...
  • Missing my lovely mum

    funkymonkey's blog
    Morning all, Never "blogged" meself before but today I feel so low, I just wanted to get it all out, hope no-one minds. It is just that today is my gorgeous little boy's 10th birthday, and it feels like quite a momentous day, you know, "my baby" is the big one-oh! I am a crazy sort of mum and have lotts of fab things planned for him, which is pretty much taking over our whole weekend as a family (I have another gorgeous boy who is 5 too, and a lovely husband!). Problem...

    linbry's blog
    We sat an watched him slip away - He just gave up the fight and sighed. I had been listening to "How could an angel break my heart by Toni Braxton. This is a beautiful song that my sister wanted me to listen too. A few hours later he broke our hearts. My pain is too much to bear, but his has gone and on Thursday morning 9/7/09 he finally earned his own angel wings.
  • How do I?

    Bubbles36's blog
    Could anyone tell me how I can delete my account on here please? Sorry if this is in totally the wrong place but wasn't sure where else to go to ask someone!