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  • Oesophageal cancer radiotherapy

    bev69's blog
    My dad has had a disaster of chemo which was stopped after one cycle and had now been referred for radiotherapy. (Op out of the question due to existing heart condition). What is radiotherapy like? The literature from the hospital like to portray it as being all rosy and few side effects but since dad had every side effect going with chemo (and then some!) I would like to be ready for the worst. Since the chemo will be on his chest, will it burn? Does cream help? I read that arnica cream may help...
  • Just to say thank you to you all.

    sezlez's blog
    I would just like to say hello to you all and thank you, it has taken me a while to put my feelings into words and I can only do so after reading your blogs. I knew this was coming because I have lost two sisters and two brothers to Cancer but it still made me very, very angry when my specialist told me I had Prostate Cancer. I didn’t feel ill unlike my sisters and brothers so I kept telling myself that they must have made a mistake. I was shown the Biopsy results and my MRI and CT scans and sent...
  • chemo warning sign

    purple fairy's blog
    Just wanted your opinion. My dad is home after his first chemo session and is PARANOID he catches any germs etc. So, I made (what I thought was quite amusing, tongue in cheek) a sign for his bedroom door. I haven't given it to him yet and I don't know how he will feel about it, I will show my mum it first.....but how would any of you feel about this? I copied and pasted a picture of a dog snarling, like a wee guard dog, then this: Just had Chemo, So Please Understand, I can’t give you...
  • shaky start this morning - bit better now

    deejay's blog
    Had a very shaky start to the day this morning. Had only been up for about half an hour when the tears came and wouldn't stop. Cried solidly for about an hour. But feel a bit better now. Really touched by some of the comments after my rant yesterday. And everyone was so right in what they said about people's support. I definitely think that going through bereavement, illness, hard times in whatever shape or form makes you a more compassionate, courageous person. Far too many people to thank...
  • Just getting on with it

    beanpole's blog
    My husband has now done 2 rounds of Docetaxol, which seemed to have improved his swallowing again. But he is so tired all the time and the "chemo head" effect seems to be kicking in. I think its the cumulitive effect have already done 6 rounds of the other one. He finds it really hard to concentrate and I feel him driffting off when I talk to him. The hair has started to drop out, but he did have really thick hair to start with so still has quite a bit left. Anyway just hanging in there...