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  • my daughters 1st race

    normally's blog
    im just showing off !!!! im so so proud of my gorgeous daughter ..... shes just ran her first race 10k in 1.02:51 AND she raised over her £300 target for MACMILLAN and her next race is the race for life now that will be easy peasy.............
  • Some People Don't Think

    DaveC's blog
    Can you believe this. Carol, my wife, recently died of cancer. She has not yet been buried (21/5/09). The new next door neighbour knocked with some flowers for her day before yesterday - which was nice of him - then after a few consolations said, 'Anyway United had a good result last night didn't they'. I was staggered, I didn't know what to say. I just smiled, as I am polite, and made my goodbyes. Others say 'How are you today?' as though you are getting over a cold. I wish...
  • Help

    Adams other half's blog
    Hi My name is Suzanne and my fiancee Adam was diagnosed with Myeloma in Nov 08. When he was first diagnosed he was really ready to fight but as the months have passed I am shocked by how much he has changed. It seems his whole life is about cancer, we run a business toghther which I have managed alone after he was diagnosed and we have an eleven year old daughter but it seems that these things mean nothing to him anymore, he is currently in hospital but never asks how we all are just talks about...
  • Debs Daily Deliberations - 21

    Debs_P's blog
    Day 32 of 33 DONE Well today has been a pants day! Had my radiotherapy, Vicky told me they would all go into a deep depression after I finished tomorrow - hmmmmm she is fibbing me thinks LOL Walk back to the main waiting room to collect Tony and he's not there! I look around and a couple in there ask if I am lost "no, just looking for the hubby" - "nobody been in here since we got here" they said, "long walk home for me then" I replied just as Tony surfaced. We...
  • The Demise of Roland Ratso: Chapter seventy nine

    drewcotgrave's blog
    Sorry I didn’t make a Monday blog but I was feeling particularly ill after sharing a bottle of elderflower wine with Jonathan on Sunday night. Sunday night and Picko rushes in too late for the first bingo session but he catches Jonathan with his bingo tickets. I asked him if he dropped a couple of stitches rorm his knitting and that is why he was late. The singer is a classical tenor who explains that he will be doing a lot of modern stuff but in his other life he does a Pavarotti tribute. He...