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  • Thank you so much - KateG and Sharry

    Kate2003's blog
    I've just got home but wanted to thank you both straight away for a really lovely party - your garden is gorgeous, Kate - and I'm in love with Bonnie and Clyde! And weren't we lucky with the weather. You had both gone to so much trouble (and Alan and Terry too). The food was great, as was everything else - lovely hospitality and as always the privilege of getting to know other WhatNow members. It will be a day to be remembered! Many thanks again Kate xxx
  • Meeting some of 'Team Cancer'

    tgirl's blog
    If you asked some people on the street what they imagine a party for a group of people who have or had cancer would be like I should think you would get grimaces and a general feeling that it would be an event cloaked with misery with a large helping of underlying fear for good measure. Now I know I have written about how A and I are coping with our fairly recent life change that cancer has bought us, but we really are newbies in the cancer stakes. That is part of the reason we went to Banstead today...
  • Banstead

    Andrewx2's blog
    It is now safe to go back into Banstead!! Great day and HUGE thanks to Kate, Alan, Sharry and Terry for the hosting and organisation. Feel honoured to have met such a fantastic group of fun people from this site. Big hugs and love to you all. Andrew xxx
  • curios

    doris.028's blog
    been on site for awhile now and i am curious is there anyone else on here from n.ireland there can,t be only one can anybody satisfie my curiosity . had my hercptin yesterday bit off trouble getting a vein but don,t care only 4more to go then its party time have my second vist with conseller on tues seems to be going well.glad a took advice from you all and went it really helps. was on chat this afternoon found it a bit easier than first time thanks dev for the boat and thanks to ozzy for arm bands...
  • Well i never thought i would be back again

    lesleyw's blog
    Hi to all that know me and to those who dont its been 7 months and im back again and so is the Cancer and i am devastated to think that all i went through last year was basically in vien and so i start again but this time its hit me harder that it ever did the 1st time round which i find strange But i am now ready to fight again after having a total melt down on thursday just gone and its made me stronger tears are out of the way and the self pity and i know i can do this again because i have to...