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  • Long time for bad news

    pompei's blog
    Hi everybody, I have been following all of your posts while awaiting the outcome of my husband's biopsy. Today, after waiting over 5 weeks, we finally heard the worst. After the first diagnosis in Spain in March when the Cancer was in the bladder only, today we were told that it had spread through the muscle to prostate and lymph nodes. We now have to wait a further 2 weeks to find what the Medical Team in Liverpool, our nearest Cancer Hospital, can do. Our local consultant said that there are...
  • Day +34: Sorting out this virus

    BouncingCzech's blog
    I've been taking the Ganciclovir at home now for over a week and its clear from the blood tests that the virus counts aren't going down. The good thing is this means no more doing the Ganciclovir at home and hooking myself up to that syringe driver for a couple of hours a day. The bad news is that I'm going to have to be admitted while I have this other drug called Phosgarnate, plus its pretty nasty stuff, after only a few doses its started to affect my kidney functions and it means I've...
  • Bigsisters Littlesister - back to work.

    bigsisterx2's blog
    Hello, Well, I went back to work this afternoon. I decided not to go back to my GP this morning as I had nothing to report to her! At the moment I don't feel I need medication, I'm still thinking about official counselling, and have bought a book on CBT (cognitive behavioural psychotherapy) to see how I get on with that - I'm not against counselling... I'll do it as and when I'm ready for it (feel the same about meds)... so i had the morning off as planned, and went in for about...
  • good news

    sha 123's blog
    hi everyone just got back from the oncologist and its good news. the operation was a success and no evidence of the cancer and my liver cancer, the cells are all dead, so I'm still in remission. i wont have my next ct scan for 4 months. just a check up in august. my oncologist said go and enjoy the summer so that's what i'm going to do. thanks for all the support. take care sharon xx
  • visit to Oncologist

    beanpole's blog
    went to see oncologist yesterday Clives swallowing is bad again. Soup only and yoghurt drinks, also a few aches and pains on breastbone/ shoulder blade. He had a barium swallow to see how things were flowing when swallowing, there is a narrowing but oncologist wants to still go ahead with Third taxotere round then scan and get straight on to radiotherapy for 2 weeks, which he says should help the swallowing. So we'll keep on pureeing for the next few weeks, great! He finds it quite depressing...