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  • Community News Blog

    Guest post: In defence of the battle against cancer

    In March, we had a guest blog post from Lucy Booth who argued that her cancer is not like a battle. In this new guest blog, o ur community champion Daloni expresses her opinion about the battle terminology used to describe a cancer diagnosis, and where she fits in the debate. Daloni is a mother of two, wife and journalist, and was diagnosed with...
  • Our journey from the start

    Three weeks post thethree months post chemo check up

    I didn't get round to posting after j's first 3 month check up. The news was that his blood tests were good. How good and the ins and outs we don't know because we didn't ask, but the consultant had no concerns. He wasn't worried about j's cough and hoarseness either and said it sounded more like a virus than anything else. He...
  • Banjo123


    still not sure how to work this! I am totally with being in limbo. I have been with my husband for 40 years and I have to shut out all emotions otherwise I couldn't cope. I feel selfish in wanting things to be over but it is hard to watch him. He is carrying on doing as much as he can normally but eating for him is awful. We have friends coming...
  • 3rd dance with germ cell cancer

    Cant get a flipping break

    i cant get a flipping break from this dam disease, not one smegging day, i was diagnosed in july 2012, with this oh so treatable disease, oh yes my tumors has dies, even become undetctable to known scans, but my tumor markers which come down during chemo, start rising the minute chemo stops, never below ten, never a day of remission, not even one in...
  • Community News Blog

    Planned community downtime – Tuesday 21 April

    Hi everyone – we just wanted to let you know about some planned downtime for the Online Community on Tuesday 21 April from 8am. The site will be offline while we carry out some technical updates. During this time you won’t be able to access the site at all. This will affect both the desktop and mobile versions of the Community. The downtime...