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  • Debs Daily Deliberations 91

    Debs_P's blog
    Evening What Nowers, A good day today I think although Tony's alarm went off at 6am and he wasn't getting up till 7am grrrrrrrr but it woke Ollie and that was that, by 6.05am I am stood in our garden with my bathrobe and hat with Ollie weeing, running for a treat, weeing again - treat you get the picture LOL He came in and I have swapped the newspaper for some puppy training pads, he doesn't quite get the idea of these yet hence, he disappeared into the courner where a map of Persia...
  • Pre Op Tests ARRGHHH

    KarenTx2's blog
    Today seemed endless ... Left the house at 9 am , met my mum at 9.30, got the bus to the hospital .. arrived and eventually found the ward we needed ... by 11. 42 .. Yay three minutes early LOL!! Took her blood pressure , and swabs for MRSA ( weird !!) , asked her everything like what she had for tea a week last thursday .. well it seemed that way ....!! Poor mums' veins are really thin so had to go to a special department to get blood samples .. then off to the ECG department for a heart...
  • I miss being held

    kezzerbird's blog
    Hello my lovelies..................The mad Kezzerbird here asking for some advice. I am still in steady remission and life is fairly good, once again I have hair on my head (it was long, thick and straight before cancer) it is short, thick and wavy come curly now! and I have some meat on my old bones again. I still have my scar going from my ribs to my boots and Henry my stoma, the only thing that cancer seems to have distroyed in my life is the fact that my long term partner can't even hold...
  • Pleasant distraction

    Princess Fiona's blog
    I had my second chemo today (FEC) and still not sure how really how I feel. Lost my hair over the weekend which came as a suprise - more suprised at how quick it happened and how addictive it was to pull out!! Hair loss started on Thursday and by Monday morning I had to shave off the little that was left. Now worried about losing my eyebrows - but hey due to power of the internet I have ordered false eyebrows ! Who'd have thought it ! I feel quite positive about the whole thing so far apart...
  • my dad

    cath3's blog
    Hi im new to this site , we found out my dad had cancer 8 weeks ago. He as not had any treatment yet even though he as been in two different hospitals. We go tomorrow to discuss his treatment , don`t know much about it only what i have researched on the net. All doctors have told is so far is they can`t operate. they did want to put a stent in but couldn`t, My dad as not eaten very much for 16 weeks now occasionally he can manage a little soup, some days he can`t even keep water down. they have said...