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  • A better day

    chrissiQx2's blog
    Well I must say I feel alot better today and less tired. I think I have lightened the load a little!! Did some training at work which I really enjoyed so it was a much more layed back day, not rushing around the salon like a blue a@*#d fly!! I have had my best friend around for coffee and ordered a costume for a fancy dress party I am going to Saturday. I wasnt going to go because I was feeling low and didnt fancy it but am going to go because it will be a laugh. Its 80's so will try and put...
  • RIP my wonderful husband

    laineyg's blog
    My wonderful husband of 27 very happy years passed away on Sunday evening at 22.45. He wanted to remain at home and when he passed it was peaceful, surrounded by his 3 children and myself, with other close family members at the house. It's such a shock even though you know it's going to happen, it was only just under 6 weeks ago that he was diagnosed with terminal Oesophegal cancer which had spread to his lungs and liver and we hadn't really got over the shock of that diagnosis. Life...
  • 2010 Calender's blog
    Hi Everyone, My name is Patrick and I am a carer from for my wife Michelle, who has cervical cancer & Lymphoma. I've had an idea for raisng money in the form of a calender, which everyone on this site can join in on. I have emailed my intentions to my local ( Leicestershire ) Macmillan office and they have no problems with me doing it at all. I've also emailed admin and the press office of " What Now" and at this time I am waiting for permission from them. I already have...
  • Joke

    Shezbert's blog
    A man walks into a nightclub one night. He goes up to the bar and asks for a beer. "Certainly, Sir, that'll be 1 cent." "One Cent?", exclaimed the man. So the man glances over at the menu and asks, "Could I have a nice juicy T-bone steak, with chips, peas and a fried egg?" "Certainly Sir," replies the barman, "but that comes to real money." "How much money?" inquires the man. "4 cents," the bartender replied. "Four...
  • More wait and worry !

    TLA's blog
    Well tomorro the 23rd July i have been called in for my much awaited but dreaded PET scan to try and determine the Primary site of my cancer which has been found as a secondary in my lymph node in my neck! You guys will know exactly what im feeling and this site really helps at times like this i try not to burden my daughters with every little thing as they are going through their own turmoil. It just helps to be able to type on my pc and try and be positive and hear all the good stories on here...