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  • Sorry I haven't been around much of late!

    Indie Chickx2's blog
    Hi Guys, Im sorry I haven't been around much these days, truth is I am busy fighting my demons. I've recently found a new lump on my left arm so I'm having that looked into, on top of that I have been having horrid headaches for the past few weeks, after speaking to my Oncologist I am having a scan on Friday, hopefully to rule out anything sinister. I do try and be upbeat when I am in chat but the fact that I'm having a bit of an emotional wobble has made me avoid chat because I...
  • The Bloody thing is back AML

    binnie's blog
    Hiya All, I have some sad news I'm afraid and I feel absolutely gutted. My mums appointment was today and her blood tests have shown the bloody leukaemia is back. Well I knew it might come back one day, but to be honest I didn't think it would be so soon. The consultants are getting together within the next few days and they are going to decide what to do next. At first the doctor said it could be a matter of months rather than years that mum will live. But he still said they will treat...

    SLW's blog
    ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH i havent got cancer i have the female cancer gene but cant find any1 in the same position im havin both breasts removed an new 1s made from my tummy in 7 wks time please sum1 whos in the same position come find me an talk to me b4 i crack up lol take care xxx
  • The Demise of Roland Ratso: Chapter ninety four

    drewcotgrave's blog
    Monday 15th June and the effects of the bottle of red are quite apparent although I am not going to blame it for my malaise. I spend most of the day in bed cursing my feet. Tuesday and I feel much better and I am now a man on a mission. I have got to meet an investogator on Wednesday because one of my fellow councullors has reported me to the Standards Board so I have to pull all sorts of files off the computer. My black ink has run out but I have another cunning plan (Number 383.2) where I will...
  • Acute myeloid leukaemia

    rachie rach's blog
    My sister aged 28 was diagnosed with AML last tuesday and starter chemo that night. She has just finished her first course of chemo and is returning to hospital friday in preperation for her next dose of chemo. I am going through every feeling you could imagine of shock, disbelief, blame, etc. She is scared of loosing her hair. If any one has been through a simular situation I would love to hear from you