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  • Ta da - Ladies and Gentlemen, the results are in!

    tgirl's blog
    I have always known that my bloke was one in a million, but it seems that was a little underestimation! Turns out, given today's results that he is one in a billion. Let me explain ...... After sitting in the waiting room in the hospital with interview stomach of what seemed like an eternity we were called through. We thought we were seeing the specialist uro-oncology nurse from the department so we were somewhat surprised to see both her and the consultant in the room. (Gulp!) They tell us...
  • Husband home but Pathology brings it home!

    Julie Ryan's blog
    Hey Blog Buddies - 1 x 7-hour operation, 1 week in ICU, 1 week on the ward, 1 HIDEOUS first day and night of pain at home, 1 pathology result that was not good news, 1 session of acupunture to 'release energy' trapped by surgery...amazing (good to watch though), 1 infusion cocktail of vitamins and minerals and 2 REALLY GOOD DAYS at home!!! If you asked him would he have the Esophogectomy again? Though not the easiest, most painless or the simplest of operative experiences (perhaps an under...
  • Thanks, everybody...not

    boatbum's blog
    So ..wonderful that you make newcomers so welcome and offer advice so readily...ha, ha. To all you other newbies, don't expect too much, they're all too wrapped up in their own misfortunes. Hey, we allhave cancer and cope wth it in different ways, but good luck and best wishes to you all.
  • The Demise of Roland Ratso: Chapter one hundred and six

    drewcotgrave's blog
    Friday 17th and I have got the oncologists at 10.50 am. I have a cunning plan because I have got to get some euros for our trip to Bruges along with some insect repellant in case. I don’t seem to get bitten, touch wood. My father was not demobbed for six months after the war because he had been in Burma and had not reported sick at all and never had been bitten by any of the bugs. They kept him behind and made him sleep with all sorts of creepy crawlies in an attempt to find out why he never got...
  • From as low as a snake's belly to high and happy

    deejay's blog
    Jesus - My moods are all over the place. Being thoroughly menopausal doesn't help. As some of you know, my son (aged 24) had massive op a couple of weeks ago to remove 11cm tumour from his abdomen. The op was a success - he didn't lose his kidney, spleen, or any part of his bowel (which it shared blood vessels with). He is recovering brilliantly, planning on going back to work latter part of next week, - and the best? news of all - the tumour is benign!! I put a question mark there, because...