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  • Bigsisters Littlesister - Dance Dance Dance!

    bigsisterx2's blog
    Hello!! Well, I've not updated in a long time.... oops! So, last Sunday was Dance-Show day.... and I AM SO PROUD!!!! Littlesister danced 5 dances over a 2 hour show in the afternoon sunday 19th, and 6 dances in the evening performance. Yes, she got a bit tired, but did she keep dancing... yes she did! And she danced so so beautifully, and she looked gorgeous, and she was so happy, and I AM SO PROUD! She loves Irish dancing most, and did 2 wonderful irish dances with her dance-team, she also...
  • Me and 11 platelets - out for a drink!

    Valentinex2's blog
    Hi All again As some of you know I have AML and actually feel extremely well - I have been reading some of your blogs where you are worrying about platelets crashing to 200. Well - when I went for bloods last Wed my platelets were sitting at 11! I am going next Fri for blood transfusion which will probably put them up slightly. What I can't understand is how I am still alive - perhaps I am an alien? I went out tonight for a drink with friends and kept thinking - My God - my platelets are sitting...
  • severe sleep deprevation

    hethx2's blog
    since having surgery for wide excision lumpectomy,havnt been able to sleep ,realize treatmnt and drugs also arent helping but this has been going on since jan 07.Does anyone else have simular probs?Im exhausted!
  • I would like to get in contact with other people who have had oesophegal cancer touch their lives in one way or another.

    babydaisy's blog
    I am hoping that this website is going to put me in touch with other people who have experienced oesophegal cancer in one way or another. I am interested to know and learn all there is to know and am hoping you lovely people on here can help.
  • Thank you so much - KateG and Sharry

    Kate2003's blog
    I've just got home but wanted to thank you both straight away for a really lovely party - your garden is gorgeous, Kate - and I'm in love with Bonnie and Clyde! And weren't we lucky with the weather. You had both gone to so much trouble (and Alan and Terry too). The food was great, as was everything else - lovely hospitality and as always the privilege of getting to know other WhatNow members. It will be a day to be remembered! Many thanks again Kate xxx