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  • I feel the need to let it out...

    Whisperingserenity's blog
    Where to start...ive been reading over this site for a few days now and just couldnt start a thread not even to introduce myself. So i decided to blog ,to use it to gabble away my worrys & fears. Im 39 and my partner paul is 38 he hasnt been well for a couple of months now,he had blood tests 10 days ago on the friday by saturday morning he was admitted to hospital. We sat waiting to see the doctor i sensed that we both knew this was serious but unable to share our fears. The doctor said it...
  • screening for lung cancer

    Annieee's blog
    Hi all I just wondered why there is no screening for lung cancer given that it is very common in a certain age group and more treatable if detected early. Surely a simple X-ray could be used? If anyone has any positive lung cancer stories they'd be welcome. We're still waiting for my dad to see the consultant this week so know very little thus far. Annie x
  • Hypertensive Crises

    Jillyanna's blog
    Hi people, hope your all doing well as you can! Just thought I'd let you know of my horrible experience with chemo over the last few weeks, but don't want to scare anyone that is taking it, because it only happen to 1/100 people-and i was either the 1 or the 100!! Just want to make you all aware that while you are undergoing treatment it is wise to do your blood pressure otherwise you can suffer with something called a 'hypertensive crisis', makes you life threatningly ill, your blood...
  • Thanks for support

    Gill in scotland's blog
    Thank you, thank you, Dev; KareG; jomac and jas 34. Just to know you all know where I'm coming from is so much of a comfort, and reading your messages allowed me time for a little tear because you all understand; and you've been so helpful, I will ring the hospital and discuss it with someone. I'll have a word with the District Nurse too. I'll let you know what reaction I get. I really did think I'd come to terms (as much as you can) that I was going to lose Lee, and to an...
  • no longer just a word

    purple fairy's blog
    .....Cancer, no longer just a 'word' that happens to other people. Do any of you feel the same? Or am I just being a selfish *****? Its only now that it no longer rolls off my lips like any other word, it now sticks in my throat like a massive lump of pity. I keep saying it in my head over and over and over, you know sometimes when you say a word, any word, over and over it loses its meaning? Its almost as if I keep saying it in my head then it will lose its meaning and significance, is that...