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  • my first blog

    megz's blog
    wow, didnt think i would be blogging again and definitely didnt expect to be doing so on this topic. well as this is 'my first blog' i think i should tell whoever reads this a bit about me and the journey i have been on so far. well i am a 20 year old student at plymouth university studying human biosciences and have had a full and amazing life so far (even going through this doesnt stop me from thinking how amazing life is)from living abroad in dubai to taking a gap year and becoming...
  • Bl**dy H*ll

    pupskin's blog
    Not again. Cried for about 2 hours when heard my Mum had to have further treatment (removal of 5 lymph nodes - poss chemo). Just seems like worst thing possibly because her mum (my gran) also hospitalised currently (due to be checked out) with fluid round the heart. Just...too much. I prayed tonight. Just the waiting and the NOT knowing is worse. At heart though I knew this ghost wouldn't be laid to rest after a year - perhaps never will...
  • Debs Daily Deliberations 97

    Debs_P's blog
    Evening All, Ollie had a terrible night, Tony took him back downstairs till gone midnight and let me sleep. I was up, bathed, dressed and cooking Pillsbury Croissants ready for Lara's birthday breakfast by 6.45am. Lara was up early for once in her life - can't think why LOL Watched her open her cards and count her money and it was off to the doctors for me. Tony and I sat and sat and listened to the women having a laugh behind the closed screen before finally I was called round. The nurse...
  • Bizzy's first after chemo test results

    Tippy's blog
    Hello my lovelies. just to let you know that Bizzys petscan results are in and she is clear of cancer. They still see very small (flea size) nodules in the lungs, two of them. These are too small to show up on the petscan and they are thinking they may be calcium deposits and will check them again when she has test in two months...The surgery for the new femur and knee look very good..All is well in Tennessee! Many thanks again for all the support from my wonderful extended family. You mean more...
  • Paranoid malignant melanomaiac!

    Marshax2's blog
    Sixteen months on from my groin dissection for melanoma, I've spent the last few weeks stressing about a lump in my groin, is it there, isn't it there? Is it a lump, isn't it a lump? I'm sure you all know the routine. Headaches have abounded, and I've lost a stone in weight since my hysterectomy in March... ok ok 7lbs of it was down to large fibroids, but the other 7lb has been involuntary and at any other time in my life would have been welcomed! Well today my 3 monthly check...