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  • Wicked Stepmum? No Fairy Tale

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  • Debs Daily Deliberations 80

    Debs_P's blog
    ? Go shorty its ya birfday ? Yep 42 glorious years old today and it got off to a slightly dodgy start but got better as the day went on. I got up early to have a cuppa tea with the hubby before he went off to work (he starts early on a Friday) and I needed a £20 broken down into smaller change for the kids lunch and for Sean's friend's birthday got a £20 out of my purse for Tony to swap into his karate tin for smaller dominations...........ok so far.....but then Ollie had a...
  • I am not going to get well

    Cella's blog
    I have come to a realization (latent and out of denial/hope) that my cancer cannot be cured. Somehow I thought that my care team could make me all better. Why not? They make me feel better every time I have to see them. But now I know that I will never get better. How sad for me and everyone like me. How sad to know there is very little hope of a cure. My only hope is that I live longer than I think I have and not feel too badly about all of life that I miss out on and will miss out on. I hope I...
  • My Moms cancer has returned

    Littlemouse's blog
    Hi people. I have never done anything like this before - but I thought that I would give it a try. I was inspired after my Mom said that she regrets not keeping a diary the first time round. Four years ago my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer - I remember breaking down in tears and my Mom offering me the comfort. At the time it as a relief to finally know and to know that the rest of the family could be bought in on the secret - Mom not wanting to worry anyone hadn't told my bothers or wider...
  • Day +56: Been a rough time

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    Well it's been a rough few weeks with, initially I went in to hospital to have the phosgarnate to sort out my CMV virus but that ended up wrecking my kidneys and keeping me in a while even though what little I had seemed to have done quite well with the virus counts. From that point I was was waylaid with temperatures meaning I was put on a lot of anti-biotics trying to get rid of whatever infection I'd picked up. Even more than that I started to develop Graft vs. Host of the Skin and Gut...