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  • getting there

    littlestar's blog
    Well it will be two weeks since the op tomorrow and my boob is still very very bruised but it does look much better than last week. The infection is clearing up nicely and i have more movement in my arm now...well i say movement, my arm is actually very painful and tender to touch. Have a physio appointment on thursday so see what they say. I am pretty sure it's the tendon thats gone crazy!!. Any one else had this problem after having there nodes removed. Also thinking a week today is my 2nd...
  • The Demise of Roland Ratso: Chapter eighty one.

    drewcotgrave's blog
    Today, I will try and says zis onlee wunce! Met Jimmy Robbo at the butcher’s on Saturday morning. He had part of his bowel removed and then had a temporary stoma followed by a reconnection. He was telling me that I will need to get the stoma in a suitable place – a friend of his has got one rather high up which is always leaking when he bends over. He says unless you tell the surgeons they will pick the easiest position. On Saturday night the singer sings the Turtles song Eleanor which I start...
  • My Darling Bobbie

    Duchessx2's blog
    What a scare we had last week, my Bobbie ended up back in hospital, was so unwell, I felt hopeless yet again that you have no control. One day good news, then the next in hospital. Sat in A & E for an hour before being seen, do not know what this piece of paper they call a passport is. They say it is supposed to get you seen quicker because of being on chemo, but does not mean a thing. I don't mean to moan because I know there are many people in a&e needing to be seen, but when its your...
  • can't help but feel alone

    Jillyanna's blog
    Hi all, it's about 11:15 and the household is shutting down, but my head isn't, maybe those sleeping tablets have lost their power to put me in nice land of nod. The kids are in bed, my husband (who's got a cold) in bed the cats have turned in and the dogs have also abbandoned me and gone in there baskets! So here alone with my thoughts overtaking me! They are as follows-feeling sorry for myself-feeling alone and has my life been worth it! Don't have many friends on here, sometimes...
  • Being more positive...thanks

    Gill in scotland's blog
    Hi folks in blog land, yesterday I thanked you for your advise, and today I started to act on it. I rang Lee's GP and of course had to wait for him to ring me back because you can only talk to the nurse initially, however, I asked if there was any chance that the oxycontin 20mg could be increased, as Lee is taking six oxynorm a day. Last time she was very ill, and toxic on 50mg x 2 a day as well has having a chest infection, but the toxidity was due to the combination of high dose, lack of fluids...