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  • Dad with bowel cancer

    Miss Dx2's blog
    Hi, My name is Rae and im 35 and my dad has bowel cancer. When i first heard the word cancer i totally went to pieces and freaked out and could not handle it at all. But somehow since the diganosis ive got stronger and been able to deal with it better and been trying to help others cope!? My dad is half way thru his treatment right now, hes having chemo and radio therapy. He seemed ok at first and didnt really seem ill, but now he is suffering extreme tiredness and mouth and eye dryness and diarrhea...
  • Dad Update

    mpurchall's blog
    Not blogged before so not sure if i'm doing it right. This is an update from thursday. Dad has got an infection below his left lung.They thought he had swine flu but tests said not,they thought it was an infection due to hickman line so they removed it, x ray result tonite said an infection below left lung. He in ICU, he on meds to help raise bp as too low, he has really bad pain in chest but heart machine said heart good so think pains due to lung infection, he had three or four blood infusions...
  • Need Your Help Please...

    Julie Ryan's blog
    Does/has anyone out there suffer/is a carer of a sufferer of sleep apnea following surgery? Husband has had esophogectomy and from all I have read, he should be sleeping like a baby pretty much most of the time in this post-op recovery stage!!! However, he can't even sleep at night (sleeping pills are failing him too) and just about catnaps in the day, he is exhausted!!!! Has weird feeling between his shoulder blades and also shoulder pain that means he is constantly moving around and fidgeting...
  • Oh no - cording!

    carolbx2's blog
    Hi all Well this was supposed to be an update, infact everytime I come onto the site I mean to do and "update" - then I get reading the blogs, Debs P, Drew and Andrew to name a few and thats an hour or so gone, thats without going into chat. Quick update, chemo finished - whooopde doooooo including 2 celebrations, one of the pink fizzy and chocolate variety courtessy of Denning and one involving an all day chinese buffet with the family - thank goodness for elasticated waists!! Had my...
  • Yup!

    boatbum's blog
    I did that, still refuses to admit me. Any use sending an email to Helpdesk?