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  • New to this

    robsean's blog
    Hi all, Im very new o this and not really sure what to write.. I have joined this site as i have just recently found outthat my mum has cancer. Im still really struggling o take it all in and cant get my head round it at all. On Tuesday last week my mum was admitted to hospital with nothing more that a blood clot in her leg and stayed in for 3 days, while she was there she told them that she was awaiting a brain scan as she had been getting really bad headaches for a few months and was just sleeping...
  • The Demise of Roland Ratso: Chapter one hundred and eleven

    drewcotgrave's blog
    Thursday 6th August and Eleanor is back again. We decide to take her to Nottingham by the sea. They have made a sand pit in the market square in Nottingham along with a paddling pool and some fairground rides. Irene brought a towel but we forgot a swimming costume so it was off to the Primark store to get Eleanor a swimming costume. The “beach” was packed but not so bad that you couldn’t find a spot. Naturally the Germans had put towels on all of the deckchairs so I sat in the bar area drinking coke...
  • Bone Mets and Fractures

    creative01's blog
    Hi Everyone Sitting in my sick bed and bored stupid, anyone else suffered a fracture after dx of bone mets? I have had a considerable amount of pain in my right leg and hip for sometime but over the last couple of days it has got a lot worse and made me feel quite ill. Anyway after seeing my oncologist for a routine check up, he didn't seem to concerned about this pain but suggested I had a dental check up so that he could start bone strengthening treatment next month. The following day I...
  • Thoughts from the frontline - 19 - A Special Edition

    Andrewx2's blog
    Not a normal blog from me this morning. We went to see the local schools performance of "Crazy for You", the Gershwin musical last night, which was brilliant!!! But a certain song struck a cord with me for some reason and it is now one I dedicate to my loved ones who are not with us any more... The way you wear your hat, The way you sip your tea, The mem'ry of all that -- No, no! They can't take that away from me! The way your smile just beams, The way you sing off key, The...
  • Debs Daily Deliberations 120

    Debs_P's blog
    Morning all, yes I know I am late again but the chemo seemed to really whack me out yesterday and I have been worrying about my headaches. They are like when the RT caused my brain to swell and I was put on steroids........they went - heaven! but now I am down to 1mg a day they seem to be creeping back and this worries me as it probably means the swelling hasn't entirely gone down and this would be the first thing I haven't accomplished in record time! How silly that I see it all as a race...