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  • clinicle trial

    geoff1954's blog
    hi everybody is there anybody out there out there on this trial i am on BIBW 2992 QTcF trial just wanted to know if there is any chance it may do something for me or has it been good for anyone else geoff
  • is anyone out there

    godfather's blog
    hi all got no replies to my question regarding whether joint pain is normal having chemo every three weeks next one is monday 8th of August this is my best week so far and surprisingly quite hungry havent lost my hair but havent got much any way, must try and remember to ask the doctor things I am concerned about, problem is my spanish isnt good, but having a good day today good luck all
  • Round and round we go!

    Marshax2's blog
    Well just back from my ultrasound, following the discovery of a lump in my groin. The same side that I had the lymph node dissection last year. And it's a..........swollen lymph node!! Wasn't quite expecting to hear that! Got an appointment with the oncologist next week, so expect I'll find out more then. I suppose until then I can live in hope that it's a stray solitary lymph node trying valiantly to clear the lymphoedema in my leg and nothing more sinister! One of my shorter blogs...
  • Here we go again!

    TLA's blog
    Hi there everyone, well its an hour away until i go into hospital to have my tonsils out, looks like the primary site is in my left tonsilt, fingers crossed it is then the treatment will be just the left side of my throat and neck area and i wont loose both my salavery glands!!!!!! Total nitemare and i still think im in a daze and it s not happening to me, anyway im staying in overnight so im looking forward to seeing my girls when they come and visit later on tonight! Just managed to cut the lawns...
  • Markus

    mally's blog
    After a horrible day struggling with a bladder infection myself, I went to see Markus last night. He was on the balcony at the hospital, smoking. He went back to bed when I arrived, taking his pump with him. This great pump (and other infusions) has given him freedom from pain, so he is feeling much better. However, it makes him very drowsy, so he can't keep his eyes open long - I think he is sleeping most of the day. He had been feeling very nauseous, but they have managed to control that, too...