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  • Just sad

    chrissiQx2's blog
    This is my first blog so it probably wont be very good/interesting as my thoughts never materialise well onto ''paper'' but always sound good in my head. Like I said in the title I am just sad today. I keep thinking about what is happening to me and why and then thinking about my children and worrying about them and its all just alot to think about! My daughter who is 5 reminded me that I said she could have my wedding dress when she gets married. (Its a beautiful dress and she loves...
  • Debs Daily Deliberations 103

    Debs_P's blog
    Evening WNowers, ? I don't care what the weatherman says, if the weatherman says its raining, you'll never hear me complaining ? well thats not strictly true cos the weather has been crap today!!!!!! My laundry is out on the line still soaking wet........grrrrrrrr The post arrived early today and I got the most beautiful green sun hat from Kerrie.........I proudly wore it around the house and ok I am biased, it looked bloody brill with my "Harrahs" casino white bathrobe - never...
  • Radiotherapy

    Jozzy's blog
    Just got back from Jimmys and my appointment with the radiographer, after all the fretting over what decision to make and sorting questions to ask she recommended that I have that was it decision made and no more pros, cons and the kitchen sink whizzing about in my head! She was really nice, explained everything clearly and told me that she would sort the radiotherapy asap as the gap from finishing chemo was longer than normal at 3 months. She explained that although the...
  • liver secondary

    suzanne_21351's blog
    liver/ prostrate// blood vessels/
  • Day 1 of Cycle 2

    Trishka's blog
    We arrived at the Oncology ward by 9:20am - too early as usual and were allocated a nice room looking out towards the surrounding countryside. Within half hour hubby was sitting comfortably in the big armchair, pillow under his arm and hooked up to the first of many intravenous bags. Day 1 is always a long one - 16 continual hours of various concoctions (including the chemo). Drip drip drip - it's like watching paint dry! It is boring but in a pleasant way - I imagine every little drip being...