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  • complimentary medication

    Mike Robinson's blog
    My wife has been recommended to try Zen Oxygen which apparently is a herbal medication which boosts the immune system. Does anyone have any experience of this product?
  • Credit Crunch

    The Nurse Blog
    Money might not have been the first thing you thought about when you or someone close to you was diagnosed with cancer. But over time, the cost of cancer has a huge impact on a lot of people. Perhaps even more so at the moment due to the credit crunch. Below are some suggestions of where you can get written information about financial issues: Introduction to the benefits system . Help with the cost of cancer [pdf] . Work and cancer . Working while caring for someone with cancer . ...
  • Debs Daily Deliberations 128

    Debs_P's blog
    Morning All, The weekend was great, the weather was wonderful and we made the most of it. Didn't go to Hatfield Forest but we did go to the River Stort, Tony and Lara fished (I forgot my reading book) the dogs sat in the shade and barked at joggers, cyclists and other dogs - am assuming it was a good day too in their dog world ;) I did take my camera and a thermos cup of tea. We sat for around 2.5 hours but it was past midday the heat was searing and the fish were not biting. Decided to get...
  • Great site I wish I understood what I was doing!

    annielihaug's blog
    Hi Found this site yesterday, but not sure what I am doing. Twitter blogs etc all new to me, but I would like to learn more in order to talk to other people with Non Hodkins Lymphona follicur cancer. I look forward to hearing from you but if I do not get back to you it will only be because I have not managed to find the site again so wish me luck. Regards Ann
  • Carl's Fight Update!

    Carl Jones's blog
    August 12 & 13 2009, back for more chemotherapy at Birmingham for 24hours, then the long journey back hope to Stoke on Trent with the after effects and feeling low. The next few days you go through a mixture of low days and high days, feeling very sick and tired. I can’t sleep at night so getting up at 3-4 am in the morning and feeling like a zombie after a few nights. Mood swings all over the place. My throat is better this time controlled by mouthwash. But my leg and foot are swelled again...