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  • a good day

    doris.028's blog
    well today is almost over and i think after today maybe i can put the bad memorys off tis time last year behind me it will be 2weeks till the results off my mamogram but as my mum would say all is good i can feel it in my bones.l.o.l.just a liver scan now as count is up but that happened before when i was having chemo .feeling good today i now feel that after all your kind messages and good wishes that no matter how down i get there will always be good people out there who will always listen sometimes...
  • Back Home to real life and new opportunities

    dizzywench's blog
    Well its now June 2nd and Tenerife seems like an age away already!!!! I miss the Bacardi Mohitos!! The holiday was just what we needed and chemo started again last Thursday and so far so good. No chest pains, no problems and feeling fab at the moment. I cant live without omeprazole though so stomach acid has a big effect on my well being. I am concentrating on my fundraising for Race for Life, so far its £1600 for cancer research and £700 for my local hospital and still two weeks to go. Its great...
  • You Couldn’t Make it Up – Part 2

    BrambleDigger's blog
    After yesterday’s long epistle, I thought I would leave the actual clinic story until today. Give you all a bit of breathing (and in Carolannt’s case, peeing) space, as it were. The clinic was quite bland compared with the journey up there but – as befits a great National Health Hospital – Salisbury could still spring a few surprises. Marly asked about parking at SDH (Salisbury District Hospital) and was surprised when I found a parking space so easily. The reason is that there are acres of parking...
  • Home after surgery

    niccy's blog
    I'm home after a hysterectomy. They couldnt save my fertility but I am glad now that they have hopefully removed all the cancer. I get my results of the lymph nodes and margins on Friday and get to have my catheter out! It was pretty awful surgery (key hole is great in the long run but the short term wind pain if awful). I am not sure how I got through the 1st 24 hrs but I did and I was allowed home after 48 hrs (stubborness). Today - 5 days after surgery - I am finally feeling a bit better...
  • My son

    deejay's blog
    I want to say thank you to everybody who read my blog and took the trouble to comment. It helps - it definitely does. My husband, my mum and I have been round their flat today, as they are moving on Saturday to a new flat, and we are helping them clean,etc. Doing something practical for him really helps - so I stopped at Tesco's on the way and bought them good, healthy food so he can build himself up. He's like a beanpole. You may think 'why isn't his wife doing that?' Well, it's...