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  • How do I?

    Bubbles36's blog
    Could anyone tell me how I can delete my account on here please? Sorry if this is in totally the wrong place but wasn't sure where else to go to ask someone!

    busdriverrose's blog
    PLEASE Thomas and James can we have our chat room back the way it was no one likes it the new way were all used to it and we love it that way everyone is going to comment on this post i hope to show support
  • results say - circling the drain

    dizzywench's blog
    Well the scan was yesterday and results today. The chemo has stopped working and the cancer in the glands is progressing!!!!! Bastard!!!! I am being referred to a Professor Stewart in Leicester to see if he can offer anything further. I feel gutted about it but I wasnt surprised. I had a feeling something was going on so I'm glad I prepared myself mentally for bad news. My chemo tablets are finished on Thursday and then I shall have a break until I see this chap. It just worries me that the pain...
  • Good News!?

    ecrossen's blog
    Good news? Bone scan and chest CT came back negative. No Matastisism. Still need the elusive referal to the City of Hope Cancer center. HMO dragging feet. Not looking forward to the "Whipple" procedure, but there is no other choice if I want to see my 65th birthday, maybe even Christmas and the new year.
  • Lovely Mum

    jeanferris's blog
    My lovely mum aged 87 was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in April 2008. Following chemo (Carboplatin) and then surgery she has had a good 6 months. The surgeon left a few 'bits' behind which have now started to grow. She is being offered weekly taxol. I wondered if anyone has had this treatment and how many side effects you suffered. Mum is incredibly active, independant and fit and well at the moment but she does have very bad arthritis in her hands and other parts of her body. I...