Well, it's nearly that 3 month check up time again.  Why is it that one day you feel on top of the world, with nothing going wrong. full of the joy of spring, and the next day you have a pain and the reality comes crashing in again?  Monday I was out shopping for new clothes for the summer, had my wedding ring made bigger (a job I have been putting of as 'not worth it if I'm not going to be around for long), booked my appointments and felt fit and healthy and looking forward to a long summer of being out and about..... Thursday comes round and I've got a pain, that makes me feel tired, and even though we went to look at a new motorhome, (something we've been talking about for several years), and I should be on top of the world, by the time we get home I have a lousy headache and feel like (and do, have a good cry).  What do my feelings count for  when looking to buy a new van, when I probably won't use it for more than a couple of years?

Is it the check up coming round that is making me feel like this, or is it really on it's way back. I know that it is the first time f or 3 years that I have had longer than 3 months remission, but is it all in the mind, or in the body as well.  Sometimes I feel so confused.

Please can I go back to how I was feeling at the begining of the week.