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  • Just some thoughts ...........

    1. Never be afraid to ask if you don't understand
    2. If you note some thing you feel wrong in the system - speak up.  I found my chemo treatment was never ready on time and the wait was hours.  Now in this particular hospital patients rarely wait as the gap between the oncologist writing out the prescription and the pharmacist making up the treatment was increased.
    3. Be prepared to support others after you have finished your treatment.
    4. The chat room is a good place to find support, particularly out of hours.



  • Winning through

    The four monthly oncologist's appointment arrived. As usual sat and waited and waited despite my appointment according to the receptionist being the first.  Another person went ahead of me - on enquiring I was told three appointments could be given for the same time!  What the logic is in this arrangement I cannot imagine - it only leads to a rise in frustration waiting extra time,  annoyance, raised stress levels - not to mention car parking fees.

    Well the results were worth waiting for - down to just over 8!!  Next time not even a blood test in four months.  My husband turned from a highly anxious person to Mr Happy.  Pity I had to live with Mr Anxious driving me nuts and highly stressed beforehand!  Dealing with his anxiety has at time been worse than the chemo etc.








  • Doing well!

    Following my oncology appointment today I dont have to go back until the beginning of December .  Great news.  Had a different doctor yet again - funny only ever since the named consultant twice in all the time I have been under her.

    He kindly explained a few things that I had been concerned about and my CA125 reading is only 10!!!  So it looks as though I need a lot of execise to get rid of my ballooned stomach!  With this in mind I walked to the pub for a quick drink to celebrate.   Exercise is good they say !



    The hospital have written to me  "there was no large ovarian mass at the time of the first two examinations".  I beg to strongly differ!

    Photo A – Taken January 2009 before my examination in May 2009.



    Photo B – Taken March 2011 – same trousers.!!  I can even put two hands inside them.


    So if it wasn’t a large ovarian mass – what was it!!!!  I didnt lose weight during chemo!

  • Boots to do Chemotherapy

    I read with absolute incredibility that Boots are going to do our chemo.  No I have not been drinking.


    Why were we not told about this when Paul Burstow MP visited Macmillan?  That would have been an important discussion.


    Boots is nearer than the hospital – it is the only thing I can find in its favour.


    On the off side:


    1.              Parking needs to be immediately outside.  Ambulances can drive through pedestrian areas - mere mortals have to find a parking space – and who feels like walking a distance.  Where are the wheelchairs.  What about  the parking fees.  Does Andrew Lansley the Health Secretary who has made this agreement with Boots realise that we do not have ministerial cars with a chauffeur and free parking.  There is a limit on how long one can stay at a public metered parking slot.  I suspect Lansley is used to private health care too.

    2.              There is certainly no room at the present Boots for these services.

    3.              Who is going to prescribe the anti sickness tablets.  Will there be doctors on site too.  What about reactions to chemo.

    4.              Who is going to provide the 24 hours emergency care.

    5.              Who is going to take care of the records – hospitals lose them even under the same roof.

    6.              What is going to happen to the Macmillan services in the hospitals.  No one is going to make special visits to a hospital just to go to the centres.  Macmillan nurses do not do nursing so are unlikely to go to off site Boots centres.  


    My lovely Macmillan nurse is key in my treatment.  She understands my fears.  If I have a problem it is her who always sorts things.  I don’t want her flitting from hospital to Boots.


    Is this a plot for next year’s pantomime or Carry On film?  On the other hand if Boots were to do walk in ultrasound scans, particularly for ovarian cancer I would have been impressed.  As you can guess I am not all all impressed and wonder what other cancer patients think of this scheme.




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