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My experience and staying strong!

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My experience and staying STRONG!

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Was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma last tuesday and have found out its spread to my spleen and liver.

As a 27 year old mother of two young children the effect this has had is overwhelming. My family are devastated and of course so am i. My head is all over the place and i'm trying so hard to stay strong. I have a meeting with MDT on wednesday (made to wait a week?!) and will know my plan of action then hopefully.

I'm trying so hard to stay postive and desperately want the doctor to say i'm going to be alright. There seems to be such a stigma attached to the word cancer and as soon as you hear it you think death, thats it, end of the road. I cant afford to think like that, my gorgeous bbies need me too much.

I'm so sad for everyone who is going through this either as a patient or family member because it really is a horrific time. I'm still at the why me stage and my head is all over the place. Staying positive is the only way to beat this horrendous disease. I need to beat this, as do we all...............Truly terrified though :(

Good luck to all and God bless x

  • Hi Kath I was diagnosed with Hodgkins on the 5th Aug, started chemo today, waiting for results of CT scan to check if has spread elsewhere, and single mum of 3 girls, so COMPLETELY understand what you mean!!! We will be fine, all will be well, and know you are NOT alone! Love and Blessings Ems xxx
  • i will be praying for your full recovery! Even though it has spread out of the lymphatic system, Hodgkins is one cancer where stage 4 doesn't equal terminal. My son has it on his spleen and his Dr. told me flat out, "this won't kill him,' We will find out his post radiation pet scan results tomorrow. 76% shrinkage after chemo so hopefully that 24 is gone too!     Vicki
  • Good luck, please stay positive for your babies. Take care Love Kaz x
  • That's what is so amazing about this site - the advice, experience, knowledge, support and positivity! Thanks to everyone!! xx
  • You will feel more positive once you have your treatment plan organised. Once you start you will regain some control over your life and feel you can fight back. Sending positive thoughts, KateG
  • i had hodgkins lymphoma, was diagnosed in october 2009, was stage 2b, i was 19... i just want to give you all hope, to say that im in remission, have been for just over a year now. and im coming up to two years since diagnosis.. my health is gettin better after the chemo, still fatigued some days, but its getting better.... keep fighting and stay strong. Emz. .  xxx
  • Thanks everyone, your stories really are worth so much to my emotional battle :) i think when your diagnosed with cancer all you want to hear is, your gunna be ok. Its so hard seeing everyone just carryin on normal with their lives when yours is at a standstill tho isnt, feel like i'm standing on a cliffs edge just waiting for someone to help me. People keep saying your so brave or your so strong but i really cant think any other way other than that i'm gunna get rid of it because i have to! Arrrr Ems its really hard when you have children isnt it, you feel you need to be strong for them but all you wanna do is curl in a ball and cry!!! I'm sure we will be just fine and hopefully in the near future we will beat it and look back at this knowing we are stronger women! Thanks Vicki, good luck with your sons scan x Thanks Kaz x Yeah i agree Kate, i need a plan of action so i know how exactly i'm gunna beat this, thanks chick x Wow Emz thats fab, nice to know your doing well... I'm dreading the chemo and fatigue but hopefully will be able to cope x Good luck everyone and I'm feeling strong and ready for the battle :) xxx
  • Please someone help me what were the symptoms of yours before diagnosis xx