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Mum - the nightmare continues

by debs 11

Another tough week takes another turn .

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  • time passes but it still hurts

    Well its been a few weeks now since Mum passed away. I miss her like crazy  . The evenings are the worst I miss the little chats and putting the world to rights . We would have a little giggle . Only a few weeks until I take her back to Australia and put her to rest with her mum and dad as promised . 

    I keep being told it will get easier ,but I am not so sure .. maybe I will learn to live with it but right now it tough .. too tough . I would do anything to have her back .. nagging me 

    All I can say is make the most of the ones you love cos boy its hard without them xxx 

  • carry on

    Well its been a few weeks now .. and I still find it very difficult without my mum, I miss her every day.I have my husband and children to keep me busy but still the grief catches me off guard,  It will be the first hurdle soon with mums birthday coming up ..not sure what to do on that day ,, 

  • Mum - At peace

    After a few weeks Mum passed away this morning . it was peaceful ,she just slipped away.I wasnt ready to let her go ..but she was tired. 

    love you mum xxxx

  • scared now .. whats next ?

    Well it is progressing now and I can see more changes in Mum.Totally bed ridden now very sleepy and confused. 

    Sometimes her chat can be good and other times difficult and slow. I did not sleep last night  as I was worrying myself silly.. whats next ? what to expect ? will I cope ? is she in pain ..I always ask her but she says not so that s a blessing I suppose.

    I can cry in a instant and hate what this has done to Mum . its not gone as we planned but I suppose nothing can be for certain and you just have to take each day as it comes. I keep wandering how much longer do we have .. not long I think .. Every time I go I say I love her just in case. 


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