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Melanoma - muck and marvels

by mum31

My life with stage 4 malignant melanoma

Blog Entry

Photo's, surgery SOME GRAPHIC do not view if you are likely to be sensitive.

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  My first major surgery was the WLE, SNB and split skin graft. June 2006.       

Sentinel Node biopsy from behind my knee. These nodes were negative.


Sentine Node Biopsy, groin. Three of these nodes were positive.

The dressing on my thigh was on the donor site for the skin graft.


Having the taples removed from my split skin graft. June 2006.

  • hi mum31,was the mm on the lower leg?( last picture) this looks like a huge clearance area ,my goodness youve really been through it ,mine was only the size of a 50p piece my skin graft site was really painful, its very brave to show these photos as being a mm sufferer for the second time myself i find it really helpful to beable to gain much more knowledge and to actually see these images ( opticalboy inc ) gives a better understanding of this horrific desease, its very good of you to share these images as none of us know what will happen re_ mm so i can only say well done !!! i wish you a speedy recovery , take care ,mazz x
  • Thanks Mazz, yes it was on the front of my ankle. I'm glad you appreciate my showing the pictures, I've had a few previous blogs and the like, and used a few of them but finally, after a long day uploading etc! I've got them all in one place! I hope they do help people and not frighten them, as you say yours was smaller so not every one surgery is the same.I hope you are doing well yourself. All the best to you , Ruth x
  • Ouch!  These WLE with split skin grafts don't half look sore!  I will forever give thanks that mine was on my backside and it was (is) large enough that I didn't need a graft! Marsha xx
  • Wow you've been through the surgery mill Ruth. I was supposed to have a skin graft on my shin after the initial excision but they decided at the 11th hour that the first op had been extensive enough so I just had a nice neat scar. I didn't realise how lucky I was to get away with just that! You are brave to not only put the photos on here but to take them in the first place. It never entered my head to have a record of my war wounds but I can understand why some of you have. Angie xx
  • Marsha, it wasn's sore as much as it looks, the worst thing was it was in a damn awkward place because I couldn't bend my ankle at all incase it moved the graft, so I had to have a half cast behind my leg/foot (open at the front so the graft could be checked and dressed). Not only couldn't I bend my ankle but having surgery behind my knee and groin all at the same time left me totally incapable of moving that leg :o) ! Funny thing is I don't even remember it as being a particularly bad time at all. Brains are clever aren't they lol. Good you got away with the graft but you must have had trouble sitting down?? xx
  • Thanks Angie, you sure were lucky to get away with it on your shin! Wouldn't have thought they'd be able to get enough skin in that area to stitch up. I can't even remember what made me start taking the pictures, boredom maybe! xx