Melanoma - muck and marvels

by mum31

My life with stage 4 malignant melanoma

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I was diagnosed with melanoma in May 2006, after a 'mole' was removed from my left ankle after giving birth to my 3rd little girl. I was sent to St George's hospital in London to be under the Melanoma team there. A daunting place at first but somewhere I've become comfortably familiar with! I had a sentinel node biopsy (sentinel nodes removed from behind my knee and groin) and a skin graft. The snb was positive in my groin so I then went on to have a groin dissection. Then in Feb 09 after a very painful 08, I had a large mass removed from my pelvis along with a pelvic clearance. I was on the Avastin trial from May 09 until January 10, when a CT showed a nodule in my abdomen/pelvis, somewhere next to my colon. I had this removed on 8th April and am now waiting for follow up with the surgeons and oncologists next week.

I'm now 33, married my husband in August 2008 we have three beautiful, fun and frenzied little girls who are 11, 6 and 4. The shock of being diagnosed with cancer has thankfully passed, I would never want to go through that again. However, the emotional rollercoaster that came along has led us to some bad times but also having learnt to appreciate the small things and life in general, some truly wonderful ones. Hence the title muck and marvels.

  • I'm still trying to follow your lead, Ruth, and find enjoyment in the smaller things in life, like walking the dog on a crisp spring morning and breathing in the cool, fresh air. I hope your results are promising! Marsha xx
  • Wow what a journey you've had already!!! I am in treatment for BC and although physically different I totally understand all the emotions you are going through.  Shock of diagnosis, roller coaster of surgery followed up by consult after consult, chemo which I'm going through at the moment followed by Radio.  I think having cancer in a way opens your eyes more to the world around you.  You appreciate small things and can also disregard petty, silly things.  You sound, like me a very positive person and I wish you well on your journey! Alex x
  • Hi Ruth, what a rollercoaster ride you are on & the problem is we can't get off it! You have obviously learned how to see the world through different eyes now and that is no mean feat! In a way cancer brings its blessings along with its sadness and I feel priveleged to be able to appreciate the beauty around us where other's can't or don't take the time to see it. In this we can gain strength & positivity, no matter what life will throw at us, and we can get quality out of our life & relationships. My best wishes go to you & your lovely family & a successful treatment & recovery. Love Angie xx
  • Hi Ruth, you have really been through the mill haven't you.I had a mole removed in 2000 and after several years of checks was given the all clear,only to find a lump in my thigh in Feb 2009,had that removed Jan this year as doc didnt think it was anything serious!!!!!!! then went on to have a groin dissection March this year as the lump had melanoma cells in it.still recovering,getting frustrated,but definately thankful as things could be worse. I hope that all your results come back with good news for you and your family.As my sister[who is 2years clear of breast cancer] says,you should always look on the bright side of life. good luck and best wishes Karen xxxx