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kezzerbird's blog

kezzerbird's blog

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  • Kezzerbird...Tears of Laughter!!!!!

    I had to write a blog now because this may make you smile!!! Summit my 2 year old Border Colle and I are in my front room watching the World sheep dog trials on the TV, Ok what is funny about stupid dog who can't find her own bum let alone herd sheep is on the sofa bolt up right watching the sheep dogs and her head keeps going...
  • Kezzerbird.....Little devil am I !!!!

    Well I really managed to strain myself and went out to the club with my daughter last Saturday. 7.30 came and that is when my body tells me to crash out on the sofa with my dog and chill but I made myself get ready to go and swing my pants at the nightclub and I even had a drink, I tell you, there is no stopping me!!!!! As usual I was kissed and cuddled...
  • Kezzerbird..Hair, board and the dog!!!!!

    Well I decided to visit the hairdresser for the first time in 3 years and had a trim and a thinning out and blonde streaks put in and it looked pretty good and gave me a great lift. Next came the body boarding...oh next door neighbour text me to say that conditions for body boarding was spot on, within 5 mins I had my wetsuit on and was knocking...
  • Kezzerbird...The simple things in life

    I was thinking today ( oh my brain hurts!!!!!) and today was another good day and not alot has gone on but my daughter popped in and her 3 girls went mad when they saw me .... they only saw me last week!!!!! Smiles and kisses being thrown in my direction from 3 little people who I adore, how rich am I. Then later on being in my birdroom with my 2 blue...
  • Kezzerbird....Such a good day

    I was on the old What now site when diagnosed in March 2008 with Ovarian cancer, I can tell you this site has saved my life and kept me going time and time again after 28 chemos, being totally gutted and left with a stoma, secondaries and now off treatment because it makes me too ill and takes away my quality of life, if I could have treatment I would...