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MRI day

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Well its MRi day tomorrow and although i am relieved its here I am a scaredy cat too.  I am imagining all kinds of horrors too ridiculous to mention in fact. All of a sudden I have become an expert and know in advance what they will say!!!! Wont know any of that until Friday and its agonising.  I know that i have many many hurdles to overcome and in the scheme of things this is a relative small hurdle. ( i was rubbish at hurdles at school)

I am trying very hard to be relaxed and give the impression at home that its all ok, i dont want to put my family through any more pain and worry than is necessary.  So tomorrow i will be jules with the positive mask on and accept what is to come because I have no choice.

O dear i do sound gloomy and doomy this really isnt me at all i just need Friday to be here so i know exactly what happens next.  I dont want my unwelcome visitor to win so my mind set has to change.



  • Hi Jules, Its that old word that sends fear up and down your spine everytime, WAITING. Will it be good news or will it be bad. I Know this sounds easy Jules but worrying about it wont make it change, it will be what it is. So I send you all the very Best for Friday and hope the news is good.  Look after yourself. Take care and be safe Big Hugs Love Sarsfield.xx
  • Thanks Sarsfield, you are so lovley, i have been on the site a short time, but you always take time to reply to my blog, and always useful words of wisdom. It makes such a difference. Love and hugs to you too xx Jules
  • Hello Jules, just reading your blog made my stomach turn over - I remember exactly how I felt when I was waiting/going through my tests, my feelings returned.  Its easier said than done to tell you to just take one day at a time - especially when each minute of every day seems like a lifetime and the night is even worse! I swear the clock went backwards at night and often found myself sitting downstairs watching anything on tv just to pass the time until morning.  I couldn't sleep, eating felt futile but I do have to say, my best friend was a family sized glass of wine EVERY DAY.  I know I shouldn't but I really did fall apart waiting,, waiting, waiting, knowing.  I'm with you all the way Jules.  Love Ann x
  • .Thanks Anne, watch this space.............. Jules xx
  • Hey Jules.  The waiting is the worst part - everyone will tell you that.  Once that bit is over you can start treatment and rest assured I think you will feel better once things start happening.  I felt that at last something was being done (that said it was a paltry 9 days between diagnosis and first chemo for me)!  Good luck - chin up hunny - you know you can beat this thing. xx