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I still miss my mum.

Its been two years and i haven't spoken much about losing my mum, i thought it might help to write it down.

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  • Hello all.

    I won't lie and say things have been going well, but i think we might have reached the crisis point where hopefully everything gets a bit better from now on. Every morning that i wake up, i think to myself "i wonder how long it'll be until i'm reminded that my mum isn't around". Its quite funny some mornings because all...
  • Opening up finally about losing my mum.

    This is my first blog, and probably the first time i've felt like going into any depth about losing my mum to breast and lung cancer, but here it goes, i know i'll probably flood my keyboard with tears but its ok because i have a spare one. My mum battled cancer for three years and battled depression and other demons for over 40 years before...