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Nothing to do with cancer at all/Just something to drive all of you up the wall

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My office does a Christmas quiz every year. They didn't forward this year's on to me, meanies, but this is last year's. Which I won, so I know all the answers. Well, I do if I can remember them, which I don't at all guarantee.

What? When you've opened all the pressies and it's not time to eat again just yet, don't you get bored?


Famous Animals (Two-part answers: Name + Animal = 100 points available)

(Can you match the well known animals - fact or fiction – to the following clues – some birds included!)

1. Hess, Valentino, Nureyev, Giuliani – a seasonal connection 
2. Fastest land animal – Tarzan the link 
3. Adventures in Waratah National Park - 1966-1968 TV series 
4. Sole survivor of the Battle of the Little Bighorn 
5. Ag 
6. Composer of the Eroica, Pastoral and Choral symphonies 
7. Agassi – Gide – Previn: The connection 
8. Take That’s number one infant! 
9. A bonnie young Scottish girl who came home in 1943! 
10. Ship building, Eastwood, Bonnie – the connection 
11. Captain Morgan – the Communist! 
12. Elton John’s middle name – rather than Albert or Harold 
13. Free clues: Carson! Nelson! Thorne! 
14. Bernie Winters solo companion 
15. Dick Turpin’s steed 
16. Found the stolen FIFA World Cup in 1966 
17. He’s no fool! Once owned a 20 year-old broom! 
18. 617 Squadron: Codeword will help you find the right guy! 
19. Born Free 
20. Capital’s String Chorale heading home – at top speed 
21. A bit of a toss-up reading this bowling delivery in cricket 
22. Porcelain maker familiar with Richard? 
23. Minnie Caldwell’s pet in Coronation Street 
24. Capital of Denmark 
25. Tom, Dan, Ben, Jim, Harry, Jack – he’s in there somewhere! 
26. Bill’s male descendant will guide you to this mammal 
27. Knight who fought in single combat on behalf of a king (OED) 
28. A regular character in the Star Trek: Voyager series 
29. Soldier sent out to get information about the enemy’s strength 
30. The first animal to orbit the earth 
31. Swahili for “Doctor” will lead you to this cross-eyed animal 
32. Has blue cup (anag.) 
33. Bird – Toy – Mixture – Platform – Catch: The connection 
34. Spoil grassland 
35. Ocean cookie? 
36. Illicit liquor 
37. Seriously injured by an IRA nail bomb 20 July 1982 
38. Doorman; Delivery in cricket; Baby jumper 
39. First name of the Private Benjamin actress – a high flyer 
40. Alastair, David, Nicola, Timothy – the clues to a movie star! 
41. Broad smile + Sn + Sn (minus the 5th note, diatonic scale C major) 
42. Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight! Whose shrill cry? 
43. Jack London 1906 novel 
44. Nothing in this game for two in a bed 
45. Can’t afford to slip. On-going check for marks a necessity! 
46. A wise decision to wear a top toupee! Got the message? 
47. Car – Wrap – Bath: Plural connection 
48. Brooks accompanying animal across the Alps 
49. The right road will guide you to Africa 
50. Over hills and meadows we’d stray. We grew up together that way. 

PS: Apologies for the phrasing of question #4, the answer to #8, and probably other things I haven't got to yet. I think the person who set the quiz was rather an unrestructured gentleman.

  • HAPPY CHRISTMAS HILARY! Here’s one back… EINSTEIN’S RIDDLE (apparently the hardest riddle going and only 2% of the population can solve it. I’ve just started… let me know if you do it! Lots of love to you xxxxx Ps The major flaw is that everyone knows the Swede would keep cats and not dogs :D xxx Ok here it is… There are 5  houses painted 5 different colours. A person with a different nationality lives in each house. The five house owners each drink a certain type of beverage, play a certain sport, and keep a certain pet. No owners have the same pet play the same sport, or drink the same beverage. WHO OWNS THE GOLDFISH? The facts:
    1. The Briton lives in the red house
    2. The Swede keeps dogs as pets
    3. The Dane drinks tea
    4. The Green house is on the left of the white house
    5. The owner of the green house drinks coffee
    6. The person who plays football rears birds
    7. The owner of the yellow house plays baseball
    8. The man living in the centre house drinks milk.
    9. The Norwegian Lives in the first house
    10. The man who plays volleyball lives next to the one who keeps cats
    11. The man who keeps the horse lives next to the man who plays baseball
    12. The owner who plays tennis drinks beer
    13. The German plays hockey
    14. The Norwegian lives next door to the blue house
    15. The man who plays volleyball has a neighbour who drinks water.
  • I solved Einstein's one... how's about you? or do you have a life? ;) Will finish trying your quiz soon. What I said first time round (that wot the moderaor shoved up a drain pipe) was that i scanned down the questions and got the first few... got stuck with Take That (what with having taste) and then saw No 5. and read 'ag'. Eh? what's ag??? hmm no idea says Little My.  Then she remembered she was a Chemistry teacher and its Ag. Damn you chemo brain, damn you!!!!! I can't believe I didn't instantly perceive that one like what Pope Boniface did with Giotto... but that's another story. All the hugs to you Hilary and thanks for entertaining me :) Little My xxxxx
  • AAARRRHHH  Ha Ha that's all too much for me and I don't even have chemo head anymore!!! just 1/3 of a brain cell.  Have to get other half to try and work it out. Hope your all having a lovely time xxx Ruby XXXX