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What can I do ?

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I was wondering what I can do to help out from home?  I share my story with others and converse to try and give them hope and strength with my story, but that's all I am doing. 

I don't have the ability or capability to go out and fundraise or anything else because I am disabled, but would like to help out doing something else on here besides sharing my story..

let me know if there is anything I can do..

thank you!

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Are you a member of cancer Voices? 

It has an opportunity exchange which you might find interesting. 

You can use it to become a book reviewer or comment from home on policies etc that Macmillan puts requests out for. 

Do you just share your story in the online community or would you possibly be interested in doing it more officially through a phone interview. Some such roles may be available. 

Hope that helps.

laura - admin
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Hi Weez, 

Aphra's suggestion is a really good one, I hope you'll think about sharing your story in a more formalised way.

Another option for you might be to join our e-campaigning network. Macmillan are campaigning on a number of issues and there are some really easy ways you can get involved - without even leaving the house! 

Here's some more information about campaigns we are involved with.

It means a lot to us that you want to give your time in some way - thank you.