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Voices 2012

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I really enjoyed the conference; this was my first time.  Thanks so much to everyone involved for all your hard work. It was great to be able to put faces to names and meet so many inspiring people.


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Great to hear you had a good experience of the conference. Perhaps I will meet you at a future conference. What do you think helped make this so welcoming and have you any tips for anyone a bit nervous about going?


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what made the Voices conference so welcoming was that there were plenty of easily identifiable staff on hand - EVERYWHERE - who were proactive in ensuring everyone was where they wanted to be - not lost, their needs met, able to find their workshop room - and willing to help in any way. Second, the layout of the venue (ground floor of the Hilton - one corridor with rooms directly opening from it) made it easy to find my way around (although I did find myself going in the wrong direction for workshops once - but easily corrected!). Third, there was (as usual) plenty of time built into the programme for comfort breaks, chatting to old acquaintances, networking, visiting the stalls and finding out what they were about.I'd recommend anyone who has never been to a conference to go to the Voices conference next year. You will not be alone! Apart from the staff support, it's easy to get chatting to other participants, many of whom will be first timers because there are so many opportunities - in breaks, over lunch, at the dinner, in workshops...The conference reaffirms that you are part of a community working towards improving cancer services, that YOUR VOICE IS IMPORTANT ...and once you've been, you'll be hooked!