My husband has just been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. It is in the worst possible place that is why it is inoperable. He is going next week for a bronchoscopy to see what (if any) treatment is availabli. I think the prognosis will be bad, months if not weeks, already I can see it advancing. I feel I will badly need help to get over this, preferably by online chats or phone calls, sharing with others who have been through similar. I am unsure as to what to do next.

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    My name is Steph and I'm part of the Community team here at Macmillan. May I wish you a warm welcome to the Community, although I'm sorry that circumstances bring you here. I'm here to help you get started and I hope you find the site to be a safe place of comfort and support.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's diagnosis, it sounds like you have so much to cope with right now but it's positive that you've found us here. We regularly see the benefit of members being able to chat 24/7 with others in similar circumstances. 

    Whenever you’re ready and feel comfortable doing so, I’d encourage you to join and post a message in our family and friends forum here so that members can offer you some support. It’s a safe space for anyone supporting a loved one living with or after cancer to share experiences and support one another.

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