More button not working

On a thread At a loss, every MORE button I click on does nothing, have signed out and in cleared cache browser history etc. wanted to send a PM but can’t, can’t use MORE option on any post

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    Thank you for asking a question, I'm Steph from the Community team and I'd be pleased to help. 

    You can send a PM through another member's profile (as long as you're 'friends' with this member). You cannot access PMs through the 'more' button underneath member's posts. Here's a reminder of how to send a PM on both a desktop or mobile device:

    On a desktop device, like a laptop

    On a desktop device you can access the PM option by simply hovering over the member's username at the top of their post, like you'll see your mini profile below. If you are 'friends' with the member, you will see an option to send a PM in the pop-out box. 

    Alternatively, click on their username to go to their profile, where you'll see an option to 'connect'. Click on the +connect button to see the option to send a PM (or request 'friendship', if you're not already 'friends'). It looks like this below:

    On a mobile device

    On a mobile device, you'll need to click on the member's username and go to their profile to see the option to send them a PM. On their profile page, you'll see a green + button, as shown in the image below. Click this + button to see your PM and friendship options. 

    The 'more' button will have different options, depending on where you see it:

    • If you've clicked on 'more' on someone else's reply in a thread, then you won't see any options, as there are none available to you.
    • If you click 'more' on another member's conversation starter (ie:first post in a thread) you may see notification options available to you.
    • If you click 'more' on your own posts and replies, you'll see options only available to you, such as edit and delete (where option is available).

    I hope this all makes sense and explains how to send a PM and why you might not always see an option when you click 'more'. If you have any questions, or need further help, please do post again below or send us an email at

    Best wishes,

    Online Community Officer
  • Thanks, sorry must have got confused 

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  • Hi

    Thanks for getting back to us and there's really no need to apologise. We completely understand that it can take some time to find your way around and get used to all the features.

    We're here to help and aim to answer your questions as quickly as possible. There's also the help pages if you need them.

    If you have any further questions, or need further help with anything at all, please do get back in touch.

    Best wishes,

    Online Community Officer