Primary retroperitoneal seminoma-stage 2c

Hi I'm trying to find a group for my type of cancer as I can't find it?

  • Hi ,

    Thanks for posting a question to us today, I'm Eliza from the Community team at Macmillan. Firstly I'd just like to welcome you to the Online Community, although I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I hope you will find comfort and support on the site. 

    While we don't have a group which is dedicated to primary retroperitoneal seminoma, we do have our "Testicular cancer" group which should hopefully be a good place for you to find someone with a similar diagnosis, or who might be going through a similar experience just now. 

    To post in the group, you first just need to click "Join" under "Group tools." You can then write a post in the same way you posted your question here. You can also scroll through the discussions by scrolling down and clicking on the different titles, and you can click "Reply" underneath other members' posts to get involved in other chats.

    There are other resources as well which you might find helpful to find further support alongside the Online Community. Orchid are a charity which are dedicated to testicular, penile and prostate cancers and have a (UK) national helpline on 0808 802 0010. Testicular Cancer UK also have a helpline and an online chat.

    We're here to help, so if you would like any further help in finding the right support for you or if you have any questions, please let us know here or by contacting us over email at

    Best wishes,

    Macmillan Community Team