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Awaiting full diagnosis

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Hi,These are scary times. I know I have cancer, but consultant thought rectal now after exam under anaesthetic thinks anal. Scans not til Tuesday & hopefully will know more on wednesday. Emotions all over the shop. Friends think I am strong. I'm not so sure about that........

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Welcome pializ

At this very scary time. You can let out what you want here there is no right way. Feel free to talk about anything in any way. You are not alone.



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Hi There,

Most of us on this site aren't strong, but when it comes to dealing with cancer we do what has to be done.

Good luck with your treatment and remember we are all here to support you when you need us.

Huge cwtches,

Colin xxx

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Hi Colin,

That's the way I see it. It is a job to be done. & do it I will, but they need to give me the diagnosis & tools to get shot of it.

Thanks for taking time to reply

Liz x

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Thinking of you Liz. Do send me a message if and when you want to. xx