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Keep Fit classes

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Hi everyone

My name is Jennie and I've dropped into your group as I'm from Kent but I'd really like to hear your thoughts. I'm going to be starting a keep fit for classes in my local area for ladies who have/had bc.

The leisure centre is on board and we're looking at the new year to start. I just wondered if you had any tips, ideas or suggestions that you think might help me make it really successful?

It's going to be a pilot scheme for 12 weeks initially and free to attend. It will be a mixture of pilates, yoga, stretcing, toning and strengthening exercises within a small group of ladies at various stages of their treatment. We thought a lunch time slot might be best and we're a bit limited with the room hire. There will no commitment to attend every week, so you could come and go when you felt up to it. I'm also hoping to put on a walking group too but will wait for the weather to brighten up a bit!

If you might answer me if you think it's a good idea?

If it was in your town would you go?

Would you feel motivated or confident to try it the first time?

If not, what could do in our approach that would make you feel more welcome and know that you were in safe hands?

I'd really love to hear your thoughts and gain some feedback.

Jen x

Rosemary B
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Hi Jen,

Thanks for dropping in. I have been a member of the Macmillan community for over 4 years now, but only noticed the Bedfordshire Group recently and only joined today. It seems a bit cheeky that it's me who is responding to your post, but I found it interesting and have "met" many ladies here who have had bc. Also, I was appointed as a Community Champion last year and that just means I like to help where I am able to and new ideas are good to share.

Personally, I have not had bc, but know of several friends who have and some who are still undergoing treatment. I've had a brief chat with 3 of them and all think it is a good idea, but it would need to be in or near the towns they live in.

Two of them would be unable to attend during the day, due to work, but the other said she would give it a try. She also said she'd be a little nervous though about how intense the exercise may be, as she has not long had a reconstruction and finds certain movements a bit sore still. It is improving all the time though, and what you are suggesting sounds as though it would be gentle and each lady could do what she could.

You have not said what your qualifications are regarding fitness classes and they'd want to know that whoever was running the classes was qualified. I would think that the leisure centre would have already asked, as they have a responsibilty to ensure all fits within their boundaries and insurance requirements.Knowing your qualifications would help them to feel they would be in safe hands.

Again, all 3 of them said they'd welcome a walking group, as this would improve fitness, but at the same time allow for conversation with others who understand what they have been through / are going through.

Maybe you'll come back and let us know how your 12 week pilot goes and the response you had and the effect it has on your participants. I wish you all the best with your plan.

Best wishes,


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Thank you Rose for your positive reply. I shall take on board your comments and endeavour to use your feedback throughout the pilot scheme.

I will indeed pop back and let you know how it's gone. Thank you for taking the time to drop me a reply.