A blog is like an online diary (or web log) which you can update whenever you want. You can use it to record your fundraising efforts, treatment, or just how you're feeling.

If you'd like to start a blog on the site, you can create one from the blogs home page. This will open up a simple form for you to complete.

You'll need a title for your blog (e.g. Rebecca's fundraising diary) and a short description explaining what your blog is about. To help others find your blog, you can add relevant key words at the bottom to summarise the topic(s) your blog will cover e.g. breast cancer, fundraising, treatment, swimming etc.

Once you've created a blog, you can change the title, description or add keywords by accessing 'edit my blog' in blog tools. 

Now you've created your blog and you want to add to it, you need to 'create a blog post'. You will need to navigate to your blog and then click on 'write a blog post' in blog tools.

Then you can write your blog title, e.g. 'Wednesday 15th: Good day,' and the body of your blog post in the box. Your blog post can be as long or short as you like, and you can write in your own voice.

Don't forget to include tags (or keywords) at the bottom of your post so that people can easily find your blog posts if they're looking for information on a topic you've covered. If your blog post is about radiotherapy for breast cancer, then tag your post 'breast cancer; treatment; radiotherapy' and anyone else looking for information on these subjects will find your blog post.

All your published blog posts can be accessed from your homepage. Just click on the 'Blog Posts' tab from your homepage. This will display a list of all the blog posts you have published.

Yes you can, as long as they are your own pictures, not copied from elsewhere on the internet, and they comply with our Terms and Conditions.

To add an image to your blog post, select the picture icon:

Then find the photo you'd like to put in your blog post by choosing 'Browse' and then 'Upload.'

You can move your picture up or down in your blog post by clicking on it and dragging it. To move it left to right, click on the picture and select the left and right indent arrows in the tool bar.

How do I know if someone has made a comment on my blog?

If you want to know when someone comments on your blog, you need to access your blog and click on 'edit this blog' in blog tools. Scroll to the bottom of the form, where it says  and select 'Notify me of follow-up comments and feedback via email', please enter your email address.

Alternatively, all of your site activity can be found in My profile and clicking on Activity.

The Community News Blog tells you everything you need to know about the Community; our Macmillan news, campaigns which you can get involved with, members who are doing a great job, or just news that we think you should know. You can find all of the transcripts from our online Q&A's there too.  If you'd like to suggest a feature for the news blog, please email

If you come across a blog that you really enjoy reading, you have a few options to keep up to date with it. You can:

  1. Subscribe via RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Just click on subscribe via RSS in blog tools and this will add the blog to whatever RSS reader you use. Read more about RSS on Wikipedia.
  2. Email subscribe to a blog. If you subscribe via email, new posts will be delivered to the email address you entered when you registered.

From the blog options menu, choose 'Subscribe via RSS' or 'Email subscribe to this blog.'

Yes. You can have as many blogs as you like on as many different subjects as you wish. All your blog posts can be accessed from your homepage by clicking on 'blog posts' tab.

All your previously published blog posts will be listed here. If you want to see or add to a particular blog, just click on the title of that blog in the list and you will be taken to that blog homepage.

From the blog homepage you will have access to blog tools. Just click on the

Yes. If you would like to delete your blog at any time then please contact us and we'll remove it for you.