Only four groups?

Hello Admin,

I used to have quite a few groups that I monitored, having sadly had quite a lot of experience in blood cancers, as you know. 
Now I find my list of accessible groups seems to only allow four. Is this a default that can be changed, or can you show me a way round the default as it stands? 

  • Hi moomy,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us, it's Eliza from the Community team. 

    There's no restrictions on how many groups you can be part of on the Online Community, as we know everyone's experiences with cancer can be very different. Can I just double check that you're referring to only seeing four groups on your main profile page?

    If you click on "Groups" from the options at the top of your profile, you'll be taken to your "Groups" page where you should be able to see all of your groups that you're a member of. On a mobile, you just need to click the "More" option underneath your username on your profile page. I also have a direct link to your Groups page here if this is helpful. 

    When you're able to, please could you see whether all of your groups are available on your "Groups" page? If you still aren't able to find some groups you should be part of, please let us know so we can investigate this further.

    If there's anything else we can help with at all, please just get in touch with us here or at

    Best wishes,


    Macmillan Community Team
  • Hi again ,

    Just to add to Eliza's response, if you're not seeing all your groups when you're on your 'groups page', you might try scrolling right to the bottom of the page to make sure all your content loads. 

    Sometimes it can look as if you only have some of your groups or friends on your profile, but it's just that not all the information loads until you've opened up the whole page. I understand it's not obvious, but hopefully this will help.

    Best wishes,

    Online Community Officer