Practical issues from new user

I have just read your very well written commentary on the site issues that require attention. Just wanted to say that I was relieved to read that others are having the same usability issues. As a newcomer the site has been a wonderful find and really helpful to be able to receive help anytime. However I have found difficulties with the size of print in replies and I’m certain I have tried to help others by replying to their post but that reply seems to have been lost at worst or I cannot find where to view a list of comments I have replied to at best. It is frustrating as I know there are people on the site who need help, I have tried to help them but the system looks like it has failed to deliver that help so badly needed.

Also sometimes my replies are long and take a lot of energy and precious time to write and I have lost the reply or I find I can’t post it and have to do the whole thing again. So now I copy the reply before hitting any send buttons.

is there some way of seeing the posts and replies I have written? I have looked at Notifications list but this seems incomplete.

another user has said to me that she also cannot see replies that she posts on questions from members of a group of which she is not a member and I think that may be the same issue I am experiencing



  • Hello MrT1,

    I’m Steph from the Community team here at Macmillan. Thank you so much for reaching out here for some technical support and I hope I can help.

    It’s good that you feel the Community is a wonderful find and that you’re benefiting from being able to reach out to give and get support at any time. If you click here, you’ll be able to see all your previous posts in the Community.

    After having a quick browse through your activity, we can’t thank you enough for keeping the Community a safe place of comfort and kindness, MrT1. I am sure that members are really appreciative of your support. 

    We are currently looking into functionality across all devices as we're aware that some members are struggling with the font size on mobile phones. Thank you for reporting this and I'm really sorry this is proving to be an issue for you too.

    With regards to only receiving some notifications, I'd recommend you join all the groups you're participating in. Although the site will allow you to post a reply in any group, you can only subscribe to notifications for groups you've joined. If you need help with updating your notification settings, you’ll find further information here in our help section, or email us for help.

    I wonder if the link to all your previous posts puts your mind at rest around posts being lost?  I’m really concerned about you losing posts you’ve started to write, as this shouldn’t be happening at all.

    If your device or computer loses connection to the internet, even for a split second, you may see a ‘you’ve gone offline’ system message to let you know. If you refresh your page, you will get re-connected (as long as you have wi-fi/data) and your post should still be there, ready to be completed and posted. I have tested this from here and even when I log in and out, the post I have started to write is still there when I click ‘reply’ in the same place.

    If this isn’t your experience, I wondered if you’d be happy to send us an email if and when it happens again? We’d need to know what kind of device and browser you use, a link to the thread, and details of exactly what happened and when. Full page screenshots can be helpful if you’re able to send them.

    If you still feel there’s still a problem with receiving notifications, please would you send us a screenshot of your settings page and tell us which notifications you have requested (on groups you've joined) but not received?

    I hope you don’t mind me asking for this information and I hope it doesn’t inconvenience you too much. If we’re able to identify a technical issue from your original report, then we won’t trouble you for additional information, as we’re able to replicate the fault ourselves. We will only ask you for more details if we’ve been unable to identify an issue from your initial feedback.

    Once we can identify a technical issue, we will do everything we can to investigate and fix it for you and the Community.

    Again, thank you so much for taking the time to get in touch. I hope this helps, but please do let us know should you need further help. It’s your Community as much as it is Macmillan’s and we’re keen to help you make the most of your experience here.

    Best wishes,

    Online Community Officer
  • Hi Steph

    many thanks for the detailed reply. I note that I need to join the groups to receive notifications, I shied away from this as I was wary of joining a group the subject of which I had no helpful knowledge, but will join these now.

    the link to all posts is exactly what I was looking for, where do I find this in the menus please, it works from your link but I can’t see how else to get to it.

    using my iPad to write this now and having trouble with reading the small text so I increase the size by zooming in by spreading my fingers on the screen and then when I go back to the default size of text, zooming out, the cursor ends up in the middle of the text and difficult to get it back to end of last typed word. But if I hit return, even if the cursor is in the middle of a sentence it does actually start a new line at the bottom of the text.

    is it possible to increase the default text size? I think it starts at ‘normal’ but could the default be large?

    many thanks


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  • Hello Mark,

    Thank you for your response, I hope you've now seen my response to your other question in this group and that explains why you have't been able to join one of the groups (but should still see notifications when subscribed). 

    Hopefully, the information about bookmarks I provided will also be helpful in keeping track of the groups and threads you're interested in.

    If you keep a note of the link I sent you, this should always show you your latest activity. The link is currently only available from our administration panel, but you should be able to see all your previous activity through your profile. This doesn't seem to be working as it should right now, so we're looking into fixing this so everyone can easily see all their posts. 

    Thank you for your suggestion around increasing the size of the default text. I'm not sure is this is possible, but I will discuss it with the team next week.

    I hope this is helpful, but please don't hesitate to get back in touch should you have any further questions.

    Best wishes,

    Online Community Officer