Chemo & immunotherapy

Hi during my treatment Chemo & immunotherapy I’m sure some drinks which I like a beer seem to not sit well with me was hoping u’d know what’s best to drink I’ve found Guinness doesn’t have or cause any side effects but wanna expand what I can have thanks 

  • Hi , welcome to the online community. I’ve been on immunotherapy Pembrolizumab on and off since 2016 but can’t personally help with your question as I don’t drink alcohol. I want to give immunotherapy the best chance of working and from what oncologists at the melanoma patient conferences I’ve attended say that means having good bacterial gut, but I know others have been told small amounts of alcohol are ok.

    The Help group is for technical questions on using the site, so I’m not sure it’s the best place to ask your question I was thinking you might like to post again in Ask a nurse, or for peer to peer support in the group for your cancer type you might need to say which drugs you are on. If you tap the group button it has an alpha list of the different cancer types. 

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    Thank you for your question, I'm Eliza from the Community team. I hope you've been finding the Community to be a place of comfort and support. 

    As we aren't clinically trained here on the Community team, we wouldn't be able to answer your question. As our Community Champion volunteer, KTatHome, mentioned, you might want to post your question in our "Ask a nurse" session. This would mean your question can be answered by one of our Macmillan Cancer Information nurse specialists. To ask a question in "Ask a nurse", follow my link and click "+New" in the top right corner. On a mobile, this will look like a '+'.

    I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis from your post here. It sounds like you might find our "Lung cancer" group to be a helpful place to find support from others who might be going through a similar situation. We have a step-by-step guide here on navigating discussion groups which you might find useful.

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