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Relply to Heather!

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I must be sooo thick! Twice I have asked how to send a reply to someone just told they had a 0.9mm mole as I had similar 5 years ago. You tell me to go into "my account" then "groups", I am in the melanoma group, but I still cannot find how to send a message or reply! What to do? regards Ardmore

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    Hi Ardmore,

    I'm sorry you're having difficulty but maybe this will help:

    At the top right-hand side of the home page there is a box that says "search this site".

    In this box, type "melanoma".

    A drop-down list will appear, at the top of which will be the heading "Group" and beneath it "melanoma".

    Click on this and you will be taken to a page listing recent activity.

    There's a post headed "Marsha". This is Marsha's response to Heather.  Next to it is some blue writing giving details of Marsha's reply.

    Click on this blue writing.

    You'll arrive at a page with Marsha's reply.

    At the bottom of her reply is a box called "Reply" .

    Click on that and a box will appear for you to type your own reply.

    Type your reply, then click on "Publish" at the bottom.

    Your reply should appear after a couple of seconds.

    Hope this helps!




  • Priscilla - admin
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    Hi Ardmore, 

    If you can find your way in to the melanoma group, you just need to look through the list of discussions until you find the one you want to reply to.

    Alternatively, if you've had an email alert about the post you want to reply to, you can sign in to the site and then click on the blue, highlighted link (the title of the discussion) to be taken straight there.