6 months after treatment how are people doing?

Hello. This is a new experience for me...But wondered how others are managing after treatment? 

I had a full hysterectomy, followed by 4 rounds of chemo and 5 weeks of radiotherapy. I am so grateful for all the treatment I was able to have and all is going well.

Id just started to get more active and return to work when shielding began so am working from home, but not able to get out as much for fresh air etc. 

Most of the time I’m doing really well but now and then the intensity of our current situation makes recovery a bit harder.

So I wish you all in the same situation strength and warmth.

  • Hi I noticed you hadn't had any replies yet, I am sure others will be along soon.  Welcome to the forum!  I'm glad all went well with your treatment.  I didn't have chemo, but had full hysterectomy and 5 weeks of radiotherapy, but mine was nearly 3 years ago so not as recent as yours.

    I hope that soon you will be able to get out more for fresh air and exercise.  Although I am not in the shielding group I am actually agoraphobic and struggle with going out as I have other health issues too, so in some ways it has been a bit easier for me to cope with that side of things although it has put back my confidence in trying to go out because I know don't feel safe at the thought of being out!  

    Hope all goes well for your continued recovery very soon.

    Hugs, Lesley xx

  • Hi Journeywoman,

    I feel very sorry for all the women coping with cancer treatment and the restrictions of lockdown at the same time. Although I am nearly 3 years out of treatment, am fine, but have found lockdown quite hard. 

    I miss my grandchildren (although maybe for not much longer). I miss their hugs.

    I miss not being able to hop on a bus like I used to, to go shopping.

    I miss the few groups that I was a member of.

    I miss not having friends indoors for a coffee ( got frozen in the garden just now).

    However, I think I appreciate the countryside more than ever. It has really cheered me up the last few months to see that some things haven't changed! I think you have done well to get through so much. xxx

  • Hi Lesley

    Thank you, Ive never joined a forum before, now seems the obvious time and knowing there are others out there who have/are experiencing the same it’s amazing all the support you guys give one another.

    The world has changed, whilst we have been changing. 

    I hope you able to rebuild your confidence again soon.  And hopefully it won’t be too long before we are all outdoors again. I know that walking and swimming will help me to get stronger, in the meantime I shall watch the clouds and keep smiling:)

    Returning your virtual hug

  • Thanks NannyAnny

    I shall find a way to move to the countryside when all this settles down. I’ve really appreciated greenery and wildlife even more over the last year.  And need to immerse myself more.

    I hope your grandchildren hugs come soon.

    I am looking forward to sharing a meal with friends and not just the tv:)

    Here is to continued healing, warm weather and health after lockdown

  • Hi Journeywoman, 

    I don't think you necessarily need to live in the countryside!! Maybe we are lucky in that we are only 10 minutes drive away from fields and hedgerows. I tried to post a picture for you, but still can't get it to work. Is anyone else having problems? I'll tag .

  • Hi , there appears to be a few technology problems on site  I will let our admin team know. I find I sometimes have to try to post a picture a few times to get it to load properly. 

  • Just an image test to see if it can be done...

    Seems ok from an iMac computer, maybe it is a device / android related issue ?

    G n' J

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  • Your right , it is a beautiful picture. 

  • Wow 2 gorgeous pictures there.

    Thank you!!