Hi all,

its 6 months now since my hysterectomy x I’ve still got bloating as the day goes on it gets worse. I’ve spoken with my nurse who carried a telephone review she wasn’t concerned!! I’m just wondering if s sad anyone has experienced this as well ? 


  • Hi , its good that you spoke to your CNS and they didn’t feel concerned about it. I know I had some bloating for a while after surgery but I honestly cant remember how long for, but its worth getting it checked out for your reassurance I know our body’s  do get a bit knocked about when we have surgery like a hysterectomy where everything has to settle out into its new home and that too can cause some inflammation of the area, the other thing to look out for is any redness and or burning pain as some have experienced this due to infection. You certainly wouldn’t be wrong asking for some extra advice from the Doctor they maybe able to give you something to ease the bloating feeling. Hope you feel more comfortable very soon.

  • Thankyou  GBear I had a kidney infection the other week my anxiety went into over drive !!! But this bloating gets me down I have got contact numbers to ring I think because there’s no face to face appointments at the moment it’s to know what to do !!!! The nurse said if I was bloated when I woke up she’d be concerned x it never goes away this worrying does it xxx 

  • Hello again , I totally understand ironically i too at the moment have a fairly bad renal infection thats effected my kidneys now the pain isn’t great is it. Although this time it’s different somehow, i do have recurrent uti and on yet another course of antibiotics and will be on another 3 month course of preventative antibiotics. I am monitoring it though as the pain is different from previous and this time there have been noticeable blood in the urine and of course i am exhausted a lot at the moment not slept so much for a long time, but yeah its true the worry is always there but its how we manage it thats what helps us get though the trying times. Gentle hug your way

  • Aaww you are really going through it xxx I don’t know what I would do without this support group, sharing our concerns xx Thankyou for always being there for everyone even though you are going through a tough time 2 xxx 

    big virtual hug Hugging back to you x 


  • Apart from the bloating has your kidney infection cleared now, I know it can take time to fully recover from it but hopefully you feel much  better now . Did the Doctor say anything about the bloating when you were diagnosed with the kidney? 

  • Hi GBear 

    yes it’s a lot better I had to another  water sample which came back with no concerns x no the GP didn’t say x 

    I’ve been back to the doctor again I found lumps in my armpit & redness on my left breast !!!! Anxiety +++ he checked me over & said I’ve got an infection in my armpit & mastitis!!! If the redness gets starts to spread I will ave to go to hospital 4 IV antibiotics!!!! I was so worried I forgot about mentioning my bloating!!!! Wat I’m like !!!! I think I’m going to ring the CNS & see what she says !!! I think I’m falling apart !!! So back on antibiotics x but I did feel relieved it was an infection x 

  • Hi Margaret Ron,

    I hope the antibiotics sort your infection out. I think once you've had cancer you tend to think you can't get 'ordinary' things!!!!

    The year I had my operation (3 years ago) I thought I was falling apart! I was on blood pressure tablets which they upped. I began to swell, so much so that I couldn't bend my knees to climb over stiles. I went back to the doctor, who changed my tablets and the swelling went down overnight. It was only a couple of weeks later that I had a bleed and blamed that on the tablets!!! Thank goodness I went to find out!!!

    As to your bloating, I find my tummy gets bigger by nighttime. I've put it down to the fact that my muscles are probably weaker, and old age!!! It looks much better by morning!!!   xxxxx 

  • Hi MargaretRon, OK so I had a lump come up.on my neck,  didn't see anyone as covid was rife, however I was admitted to hospital as an emergency as I had blood clots on lungs. I asked a doctor to take a look at the lump and she refused ( no hands on medical care ) sent photos to my GP  and my CNS  was treated for infected lymph node.strong antibiotics.  Turns out my treatment isn't working and the 'lump' is yet another cancer that has spread. Ask if you can have a CT scan to rule out anything nasty.  Mine was left for weeks (9 altogether ) I'm gutted because I'm now looking down the barrel of a gun with very few if any options left for treatment.  

    Please get in touch with your oncologist or CNS.

    Take care, 



  • Thankyou for your message NannyAnny yes mine is ok in the morning x I’ve just gone back to work maybe it’s my body telling me to slow up !!!! 

    Thankyou little critter for your message I’m sorry to read your message Covid has caused so many problems x I’m gutted for you x 

    I will keep a close eye & I will definitely be on the case xxxx it’s never ending xxx I will make contact with my CNS x take care xxx

  • , I am really shocked to hear about the way Doctors were dismissing your lump in your neck, not being able to see anyone due to covid-19 is causing so many things to go unchecked and undiagnosed. Its worse that when you were in hospital for your lungs again no one wanted to check Disappointed. I hope your oncologist can come up with other treatment options there is a lot of clinical trails out there that maybe able to help you. The one person who we all know about doing clinical trails and the different treatment for advanced cancer is of course our very own who I've tagged into this conversation. 

    Sending you a gentle hug