New diagnosis

Hi everyone. I’ve just been told I have a mass in my womb. Totally shocked and was really a mess yday. Feeling a bit better 2day. Awaiting an appointment from a specialist now. What was everyone else’s experience like please????

  • Hi I don’t have advice as in exactly same position. It is so horrid isn’t it? Was told on phone on Wednesday eve and that I would have to have hysterectomy MRI and scan of chest and I have heard nothing since. I am now petrified and upset. I really couldn’t take it in when I was told. I am so scared of hospitals and operations! 

  • Welcome  to this wonderful group I was diagnosed in November 2019 and had a hysterectomy on the 30th December. Stage 1a with no further treatment.I  remember feeling so terrified. we all do understand your feelings so well. I am really sorry you find yourself in this situation but I hope we can be of some help to you (everyone here is so lovely!) My own experience was very positive (under the circumstances) and recovery has been good but I still get a bit tired . I feel I’m still recovering and I will need to have regular 3 monthly checks for five years. Unfortunately this is on hold at present. Cry I still  feel the emotional side quite exhausting in itself. But you will get through this and come through knowing that there’s strength in vulnerability and courage in going through such a life changing experience!

    Always ask on here if you’re unsure of anything as no doubt at least one of us will be able to help or share our experiences with you. You’re not on your own x

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    welcome to you both, although very sorry that you find yourselves here, i was in exactly the same position just over 3 years ago when i was diagnosed its a big shock to the system i kept thinking that it wasn’t really me and i was this stranger watching into the room as i was told it was cancer. The irony is the words seem fixed to my memory i was asked if i was there alone and I basically said well you pretty much told me its bad news and my mum is in the waiting room so please just come out with it. I remember thinking how strange I wasn’t seeing my consultant and this strange lady just appears in the room before I was called in,I remember all the gasps of shock as I walked out the room the faces of people who clearly realised i had been told bad news that and I realised later that the big pile of leaflets said clearly on the front about womb cancer, kind of a give away. For me it was just before my 38 th birthday so young too, never had children never will have any of my own it was a huge pile to be dumped on me. Yet some how i just thought well I have to just get on with this, my Dad was clearly more upset then me ironically. 

    I found the forum after my surgery and i was just amazed the ladies here are so supportive and helpful and really lovely bunch of ladies who i so wished had meant under different circumstances but no matter what the question you have there is aways it seems to be someone else who has experienced it and we all understand the fear and anger too. I was in the end stage 1a grade 2 and had only a hysterectomy as treatment and have regular checkups that are six monthly now, my last one was a telephone consultation due to covid 19 and them not wanting to put people in additional risk if at all possible. The most important thing I remember and feel is important is first breath, take each day each day, every challenge one at a time, please ask everyone here we have an ask an expert section on the online community too to ask medical questions we can’t advice about. There is no doubt you will get support here every step of the way. Let us know how your both getting on and we will be there to listen. With everyone being different stages diagnosed and different treatments there is a wealth of experience to share and lots of virtual hugs.

    sending you a big hug

  • Thank you so much I think I will be on here a lot!

  • Thanks for the advice guys. Hopefully should be seen in the next 2 weeks. Be wiser then as to what they are and what their going to do. 

  • Hi , yes your right about that, definitely wiser to know what they are and what their going to do because the treatment can be so different. I had two small fibroids as well as the cancerous mass and it complicated it as they saw the fibroids and at first felt that, that was the cause of the problem of course we all hope that its not cancer that is causing our problems, of the having a hysterscopy was what diagnosed me as when they looked in they saw a suspeous mass they took photos and took lots of tissue samples as I also had lots of polyps, but the waiting is probably one of the hardest things to deal with, we hate unknowns we naturally worry more about them because we want to have a sense of control. Finger's crossed for you when you have your appointment in two weeks.  Please keep us updated.