12 Days Post Op

Hello All,

Hope everyone is safe, well and free free this horrible virus.  My Op was carried out twelve days ago and although, complicated due to previous surgeries has been successful. I was given the best news just a week later that the histology report showed that all the cancer was contained in the womb and the stage had been changed from 1B to 1A the grade remaining the same at 2.  I will not need an further treatment.  I feel deeply grateful  to the highly skilled team, both Gynaecological surgeon and Colorectal surgeon who undertook the operation, and to our NHS.  I was an NHS patient being cared for in a private hospital, and am thankful to everyone that cared for me, 

Due to previous surgeries and extensive adhesions it was known that my op would be complicated, I had abdominal hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo oophorectomy, a small bowel resection.  I had two units of blood just after the op which took over six hours. 

I have tremendous support given by my hubby, amazing daughter and son and their families, our precious grandchildren, some too young to know.  The support and information from the online community and Macmillan website has been invaluable.  I trust the calm professional  caring support from my Macmillan CNS and it is very reassuring to know that I can call her.  In the current climate of corona-virus pandemic everyone has been given me their best.

I hope that this may be useful to someone looking in.  Many thanks all you ladies who have had or are having difficult times for taking the the time answer questions and queries.  

Love to you all

Miss Mac

  • Hello ,

    I am really happy for you Miss Mac that everything with the surgery went well especially with your concerns about the adhesions you had from previous surgery. Like you I was downgraded with my final histology and only had my hysterectomy as treatment, which was a definite relief because we both know all those thoughts when we are diagnosed what's going to happen next, the what ifs etc. I am happy to learn that you have found the site very helpful and everyone's support as invaluable a support it is to gain experience and knowledge from it. Having a good support from your CNS is also great to hear because we need to be reassured of being able to go them when we need too, it's overall excellent to hear you were well looked after especially at a time with all the concerns about the pandemic. We need to celebrate the good news that's been pulled from the bad, have a drink from me to you.

    I am sure the others will join us very soon to celebrate the news too. Keep us updated with your recovery please, be kind to yourself and heal well. Its surprising how long it takes to fully heal from the surgery and easy to overdo things and of course we have been blessed with good weather so I hope you can enjoy it safety. 

  • Hi miss mac. I'm so glad to hear that your operation was a success and you will need no further treatment. Just be careful you don't overdo anything, especially in this heat but your family sounds wonderful and very organised so I expect lots of cool drinks will be on hand and lovely meals and snacks. You just concentrate on your recovery..onwards and upwards now. Gentle hugs coming your way. God bless. Love lamb.xx