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Womb (uterus) cancer

A place for people affected by womb cancer (also known as uterus or endometrial cancer) to support one another, ask questions, and share their experiences.

Waiting for biopsy results

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Hi all

I had my hysteroscopy and biopsy on Friday. After the procedure the gyno told me she felt my womb looked really good and she didn't think there is any cancer there. I just wanted to know if that has happened to anyone else where hysteroscopy looked ok but biopsy showed something else? I should also mention I have no symptoms, I had to do a PET/CT scan (for another health issue) that picked something up in my womb. I have a call on Friday with the gyno with results, just need to get through this week but am still worried and a bit stressed so just wanting other people's experiences!

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Hello Miss Jesss a very warm welcome. I noticed you hadn’t had any replies. My experience is very different so can’t really comment but hopefully all will be well when you get your results. Waiting is hard, we all understand just how hard. I’d just say try to keep busy and distract yourself if you can, easier said than done I know but experience shows that trying to keep things as normal as possible and doing all the things you normally do (subject to lockdown of course) can help us keep things in perspective. Lots of ladies join the group and have good results. If that’s true for you we will celebrate with you and if not then we will be here to support you.   I hope your chat with the gynae is good news. Please let us know the outcome. 

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I think all of us on here know how hard the waiting process is, so I hope you get your results without too much delay.  Like you, I was asymptomatic but had a CT scan for something unrelated and the consultant thought it warranted a hysteroscopy because of how the womb looked.  When I came round from the anaesthetic the surgeon did say straight away that the womb looked "abnormal", so I would think it's a good sign that your gyno didn't say that. But at the end of the day only the biopsy can say for sure. Hang on in there and we're all here to offer support.

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Hi Miss Jess

My womb always looked OK too. I didn't really have too many symptoms...after sex bleeding on few occasions , heavy periods which I'd always had and bloating. My biopsies repeatedly showed complex atypical hyperplasia/or early cancer.

After 3 years I've just had my full hysterectomy.. 2 weeks ago. I should be getting my results within the week.

The only thing I can say is until you get your results it's a waiting game. You will worry as its natural. Just stay positive and don't panic if they do find something.

Keep us updated


Anna xxx

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Hi Miss Jesss,

My consultant could only see a fibroid in my womb, which he said 'was of little consequence'. He had just decided that the two small bleeds I had were from vaginal thinning (I was 72 at the time). He then decided to do a biopsy as a precaution, and that found early cancer. Fortunately I only needed a hysterectomy, which was performed by keyhole surgery, which is a truly remarkable invention. I had less pain than when I had tonsils out in my 20's!!!

I found the best plan was to keep busy during all the waiting, clean the house, gardening, see friends (difficult at the moment). My scans also revealed another problem in my throat, which the throat people have dismissed! I had worked myself up to two operations for nothing, so don't worry until you know the results.

All the best xxxxx