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Post op pain

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Hello everyone

Im wondering if it is normal to still be in pain 3 weeks after robotic surgery. I can’t lie on my side in bed and find it hard to bend down. It feels like a tearing/burning sensation when I move. I’m ok when I’m just sitting or gently walking. Should I contact the surgical team or keep taking pain killers?

Thank you in advance

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Hi  Fudgeface,

I can't say I was in pain after 3 weeks, but I certainly wasn't totally comfortable. 3 weeks is not long to get over a big operation. We went away in our camper van after 3 weeks and I was worried about bending down to get pans (in the bottom cupboard). I managed carefully!!! I also think I was longer before I could turn over in bed. I was more than happy to sit and not move!!! I did stop painkillers when I got out of hospital because I wanted to get my bowels going.

It can't hurt to ring your CNS about it and see what she says. I went back to hospital 4 days after getting out to be checked, and they were lovely with me. My symptoms were just the bladder settling down after being bruised. I had niggles of pain for about 6 months afterwards. That felt more like nerve endings recovering.  xxxxx