Hysterectomy and back pain

Before I launch into a long description of my own experience, has anyone here suffered from lower back pain or a recurrence of lower back pain, following a hysterectomy? And has anyone been given any information about this   - causes or treatment - by their hospital team either before or after their operation? 

  • Hi , it sounds like you have concerns about your back pain, i am i right?

    i do suffer lower back pain that can radiate upwards, now wheather it’s because of the surgery i don’t know, only because I have other underlying conditions and also I have suffer with disc problems in the past and I know how painful this can be, is it worse due to the hysterectomy i am unsure. The only thing i was told was how your calcium levels can be effected and become lower and this can cause weakness in the bones, my oncologist would prefer I take calcium supplements but due to renal problems i don’t absorb it as-well as I should do and it could make my renal issues worse.