Hi I have called and left a message with my CNS. I had a Hysterctomy 10months ago for Endometrial cancer. Stage 1 , For the past couple of months I have had like a stabbing vaginal pain, it does come and.go. when I had my telephone consultation with my consultant I told him this and he said it could be bowel repositioning due to extra space. Today I went to the toilet, when I finished there was a little blood on the tissue.  It has given me a shock..It happened again but was just a little spot.It is fresh red. Has anyone else had this? It is horrible not being able to have my follow ups face to face.

  • Hi Nina

    i too had the same op and staging,  I do also get a stabbing pain occasionally did u mean blood in your urine ? X

  • Hi

    Not sure...I don't think so. I do think I need to rule out a UTI. I am just worried 

  • I had my phone appt on tues. I am concerned I may be bloating again. First question she asked was if I was losing any blood Or mucus. So keep ringing until you speak to them. It’s so hard in these times whatever stage of treatment/follow ups. it is all down to Blood tests as no examinations possible. It is probably a urine infection hope you get it sorted xx

  • Sorry for  late reply, just seen this.

    I went to my Gynae Ward at local hospital, the nurse took a urine sample which was positive for Leucocytes, I saw the Registrar who did an internal, he took a swab for infection which came back negative. The internal he said did not show up any areas of bleeding.

    I then got an appointment through the post to see my Gynae Oncology Consultant which is today. I dont know if he will suggest bloods or scans just to be cautious.

  • Hi let us know how you got on as I to am getting pain as I had my surgery in feb and now I get stabbing pains in my sides like period pains , obviously not don’t have a womb , but you understand .

    Hope it all went well xxx