Recurrence - feeling sad but strangely optimistic


We found out today that mum has a recurrence of her cancer. She’s 81 years old (but looks 60!) and of course it’s been difficult news to take. She was diagnosed in December 2018 with cancer of the womb. Surgery was scheduled for February 2019. On the operating table she suffered a cardiac arrest.  she stayed in hospital for five days (including 2 days in ICU) after that for checks on her heart, everything came back clear.  the surgery was rescheduled for March 2019 which went ahead as planned. she had a full hysterectomy and came home after five days in hospital. She was staged then as stage 4 because her surgeon found a Bad lymph node in her abdomen. Her chemotherapy commenced soon after and she seemingly breezed through that. I don’t how she did it, but had minimal side effects. Her ct scan after chemo showed NED and we all were delighted. Her next 2 scans were clear too. Even more delight. Until today. Her 4th scan has come back showing “little bits” of cancer in her tummy. Lungs and bones clear however. I’ve stalked this site for many months and admire how everyone is so positive. I feel sad but oddly optimistic. Must be reading this forum that does it! I was wondering if there are any ladies out there who have had a similar experience to my mum and how you got on with a second round of chemo and which chemo drug you had. 

  • I'm sorry for your news.  It's worth asking about targeted therapies.  I met someone who was having a drug called Avastin.  The doctor expected it to extend her life expectancy from a max of 2 years to 4 years or possibly more.  At her first scan after her early treatments, her tumours had all shrunk by at least 50%.  It may not work when it has moved to the stomach (hers was in the pancreas) but try asking.  Good luck.

  • Hi ,

    Hello and I am very sorry to hear about your mums reaccurrance I am sure its a lot to take in. Reaccurrance is of course a worry we can all have but when it happens its easy to feel hear we go again. Although in my case I haven't had the similar experience your mum's having, I had my hysterectomy due to womb cancer in 2017 at the age of 38 so there is a wide range of age groups here too, but I do know that there is a number of ladies here ready and waiting who have had a reaccurrance and the chemotherapy. Apart from this obviously your mum must look great to be 81 and look 60 and by the sounds of it probably fairly fit too given the situation, good for her. I am sure she's glad to have someone you looking after her and I want to pass on my best wishes going forward to her second round of treatment. 

    But for you both a gentle hug and that everyone of the ladies here are so very friendly, helpful and kind and if they can share any words of wisdom they will. 

  • Thank you endo3 and Gbear for the reassuring words and advice. They really do provide some comfort, 

  • How are you feeling today? , hows your Mum.

  • Hi Gbear 

    Mum has actually been very positive since she got the news. I think it was the not knowing and the waiting for the news that was worse than the news itself. She is feeling very positive and we are taking her lead on that. So as a family we have pulled on our big “girlie” pants on and we are  looking forward.

    We’re hoping blood and Covid tests permitting treatment will start in 2 weeks. 

    Thank you for checking in.