Endometrial Polyp Found

Hi everyone,

I’m worried for my Mom, and have been trying to look for some answers. She was referred to an oncologist for a persisting endometrial lesion, which was found to be a polyp. Her first appointment at the oncologist she had a biopsy taken of her endometrial lining which came back as benign. However, the doctor wants to perform a D&C, and if there are more polyps he wants to discuss a hysterectomy. If her lining came back as benign, does that mean that the polyp can still be cancerous? I’m very confused, and don’t want to harass my Mom or her doctor. I think she’s quite confused herself, but is waiting to hear from Dr. again to schedule D&C. 

Thanks in advance!

  • Hi worried daughter,

    I am not a doctor, but I do know that they do not seem to like polyps. My daughter had one in her bowel, and that was removed because there is a risk of them turning cancerous. I had a fibroid in my womb which I knew nothing about, but they were not concerned about that. Apparently they shrink after the menopause!!

    I suppose it is possible that a polyp could be cancerous, and the rest of the womb fine. That would mean , I think, that it has been caught early. I do know that if cancer is contained in something ( a lump,a cyst, even the womb) it is far easier to deal with it, and get rid of it.

    Good luck to your Mum xxxx