So far, so good

Hello everyone - just a quick update on how things are going.  Of course here in Spain we have had the same problems due to the corona virus as you have in the UK, I'm very sorry about all the delays to people's appointments, treatment and operations I've been reading about on the forum.

I had an appointment two weeks ago at my local hospital for the first six-monthly checkup following my hysterectomy at the end of October 2019.  The date was given to me at my post-op checkup in November, and I'd been afraid it was going to be cancelled, postponed or replaced by a teleconsultation due to the pandemic.  The day before the appointment I got a call from the hospital and when I saw it was them calling, I thought "oh no, here we go".  However, they were just calling to remind me of the appointment.

I saw the gynaecologist and after running through the checklist of questions, I had a pelvic and an internal examination including an ultrasound and a smear test was taken.  I was told there was a vaginal adhesion which the gynae could either separate manually there and then, or if I would prefer to have it done under conscious sedation I could have another appointment to have it done.  I opted to get it over with and actually it didn't hurt at all although I was bracing myself!  I found it reassuring to have what seemed to be quite a thorough check (my cancer was Grade 1, stage 1A).  I'll get the result of the smear test by post but other than that everything was fine.  I've certainly been feeling very well and am back to all normal activities (well I would be if I could actually do things like going to the gym or swimming which are cancelled due to lockdown!)

I'll have 3 more six-monthly checks (they gave me the next appointment in November there and then) followed by 2 more annual checks to bring me up to the 5 year point after my op.

  • Hi Free at last, good to know that you had your appointment and everything is going well, especially with the situation  with Covid. I  had my hysterectomy in August 2019 and was the same stage and grade as yourself, however I was put straight onto the patient initiated follow up.  After a visit to see a specialist nurse in October to exsplain everything, I  get a letter after six months, which I received last month, reminding me  of symptoms to look out for and then onto yearly letters until 5 years have gone by. So far so good!

    Take care.