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Womb (uterus) cancer

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Womb cancer -Ultrasound & PET scan

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Hi all

Hoping to hear other people’s stories and maybe get some clarity around potential cancer.

i had a PET scan last week because I’ve had raised CRP, LDH and ESR since February so my consultant wanted to find the reason. The scan picked up hot spots in my endometrial wall, so I was referred to gyno. Been super anxious all week as I was both shocked and worried it was cancer. I saw a gyno yesterday who did an ultrasound, she said the lining of my uterus looked good, as did my ovaries. However she still wants a hysteroscopy and biopsy to be sure. She said it’s unlikely to be cancer, but it could be.

i guess I just wanted to know if anyone else has had a clear ultrasound and it still turned out to be cancer?

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Hi Miss Jesss,

Sorry, but yes!!!!

I had two very small bleeds, and was referred for an ultrasound. There they found a fibroid which they said 'was of little consequence', but nothing else. The lining looked the correct thickness, and at first the consultant thought my problem bleeding was thinning of the vagina. It was only when the consultant decided there was a lot of fluid in there that he decided to do a biopsy, and that found cancer! So glad he took that decision, now!!

I was 72 at the time, so I think they expected cancer. I was scared stiff of an operation at that age, but had keyhole surgery, and it was quite marvelous. I recovered quickly and feel far fitter than I did before (3 years later)!!

All the best xxxx

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Thanks for your feedback! I’ve had no irregular bleeding, and am pre-menopause (am 40). The ultrasound found no fibroids or polyps either, and she said my ovaries looked good too. I’m just hopeful for now, got hysteroscopy and biopsy booked in for the 19th of June!

Im glad you’ve recovered, and that you feel better! You’re clearly a fighter

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Sorry but yes here too. I was at first down to have a couple of uterine polyps found in tv  ultrasound, removed by local a. Then they decided as they were high up in the womb, it should ,be done under general a, via a hysteroscopy. I was assured nothing suspicious apart from thicker than usual womb lining.

As I came round from op, i heard the surgeon saying to team, something about  being  unable to remove all of larger polyp,  because of potential bleeding. But in visit after after op, the team told me it was successful. I would have to wait two weeks for test and confirmation of all clear.

On last day of the two weeks I got urgent call to go into gyna  dept next day and see consultant. Turned out larger polyp only partly removed, biopsy showed Grade  3 cancer so bring referred to London hospital for total hysterectomy etc. First had to have MRI and CT scans locally.  For several weeks could not find anyone to talk to as my records transferred between hospitals. So had no idea what stage it was. Eventually told it was Stage 1a but Grade 3 aggressive so everything had to come out. I thought I would go to pieces but once I thought it through it was clear it was only option . I am well  past retirement with two lovely grandchildren. It went well and confirmed as Stage 1a but grade 3 clear cell so needed radiotherapy as well. If it had been Grade 1, I would not have needed further treatment. 

I  wish I did not need the radiotherapy as well but it reduces possible recurrence from 15% to well under 5% so no choice really. I am still here and able to go about my life as usual, when not locked down. ..... The first consultant emphasised two things which would help greatly. Not being overweight and keeping s positive attitude. He said he could not over emphasise how much difference that made .  I am in my early 70,s and grateful that if I did have cancer it was while the rest of me was in good shape and I have a fighting chance of s few more years.  It does change your attitude to life.