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Womb (uterus) cancer

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Tattie Bye!

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I just wanted to say goodbye to the friends I've made here, thanks for being you, and good luck on your individual journeys. 

Some people know how to find me outwith the site, and know I'm happy to help however I can. 

Good luck and take care!



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Little lamb
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Oh Lass, I'm so sorry...you will be sorely missed for your knowledge and your technical help as well as a good friend. Could I say a personal thank you for everything you have done for me, for the encouragement in the early part of my journey, for your wonderful sense of humour, for helping me out with my naughty lamb emoji, for everything. I wish you every happiness in your life ahead, keep strong in your journey and God bless you and take care. Love and hugs Lamb xx

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Lass, your contributions have made a difference to my life, I am so grateful. I believe you will be sorely missed. Best wishes for the future. Xxx

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Sorry to hear that Lass.  I don't think we ever 'spoke' but I've ready many of your helpful and informative posts and am sure you have helped a lot of people.

Take care, Lesley xx

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So sorry to hear this. I referred someone to you just the other day because you are a mine of information. I'm sure you've helped many young women. Good luck to you. xxxx

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Sorry to hear you’re leaving the community Your knowledge will be missed, as will your posts about all your delicious baking. Take care, stay safe. x

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Hi ya Lass, just read your post and thought what the! I thought that's what these forums was about, sharing our experiences and knowledge gained along the way..... Mmmm this has made me feel uncomfortable and not secure on this site.. I personally want to thank you for your support I have found your responses to me very supportive tailored with humour and sense.  Take care Dawn xx

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Aw lass I’m sad to see this I hope your ok? I cannot thank you enough for all you have helped me. You’ve talked me round my irrational fears and given me so much advice and help I will never forget it. I have you on Facebook so il be keeping my eye on you lady, hope you remember my real name on Facebook lol and hopefully will continue to chat with you over on there if you want to but I totally understand if you would rather not xxx

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Sorry to see you go and I wish you the best.  LR.