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Chemotherapy at Royal Derby Hospital

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Hi everyone

I'm due to meet the oncology team on Weds 13th May at 10.00 am to discuss my treatment plan for my course of Chemotherapy for shrinkage of a tumour on my right ovary (6.5cm) Grade 3. I had a cyst on my left ovary back in 2008 and it was removed. At the time they did say I had a cyst on the right one but they weren't concerned  I've been advised cancer hasn't spread which is a huge bonus! So I'm assuming that after my CHEMO has finished and provided my DVT has cleared then I will be having a hysterectomy? This is 1 of my questions I'll be asking together with loads of other questions!! I'm 57 so it doesn't bother me if they do it.  However my concern is the affect and impact Chemotherapy will have on me. I have an adopted rescue dog fm Romania and if it means I can't take him for a walk then I'll have to make alternative arrangements as I live on my own. With this pandemic I'm not sure if there'll be any dog walkers in Belper..Any suggestions please..thank you

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I hope your meeting with your oncology team went well today and all your questions were answered. Were they able to tell you if you would still be okay to walk your dog while you are having chemotherapy?

A group that you might like to join here is the animals are family too group as there could be people in that group who have had the same dilemma as you. Obviously they won't necessarily be able to help you with names of dog walkers in the Belper area but they may be able to share their experiences around the practicalities of having chemo and looking after a pet at the same time.


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Hi Antoinette

I hope your meeting with the Oncologist went well.  There is an organisation called The Cinnamon Trust who can provide practical help for the pets of people who have cancer.  It might be worth looking into them.

All the best for finding a solution and to you of course. X

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