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Womb (uterus) cancer

A place for people affected by womb cancer (also known as uterus or endometrial cancer) to support one another, ask questions, and share their experiences.


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Hi thanks for letting me join. I had a hysteroscopy on 4/3/20 then on 27/3 I saw my consultant when he told me I had endometrial cancer and he explained that a hysterectomy wasn't possible due to the virus but at the same time I had DVT in my right leg. He explained until the virus was over and that my clot had cleared he wasn't going to risk the operation. Them I had CT & MRI scans on 3rd April saw the consultant on 17th April and they found a tumour on my right ovary of 6.5cm but they wanted me to have a biopsy which was done 21st April. The results came back and it did start in the endometrial wall so now I'm meeting the oncology team on Wednesday 13th at 10.00 am to discuss my treatment plan as they want to shrink my tumour before they even contemplate a hysterectomy. However because of my DVT, I won't be taking the 'normal route'. I have read the Macmillan boom on Chemotherapy but I just want feedback on what to expect. I do have a rough idea but would welcome any feedback of your experiences with CHEMO. I know we are all different but I'd still like to know, what to expect.

Many thanks


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Hi Antonietta, sorry I have only just seen you post. Not sure that I can be of help but I will try. Firstly sorry that you find yourself here, but hopefully we can all try and give you support. I would imagine that your treatment won't be straightforward, and it is going to be approached in a different manner than most of us have had. I had operation chemo/radiation, brachytherapy, and then 3 more chemo. So on Wednesday your team will discuss what sort of chemo they intend to give you, it may be a mix of 2 different types but until then you won't know, you have further complications with the DVT. I should get a list of questions ready if you can to take with you, have you got someone that can go along with you ? it always helps to have a second pair of ears. Chemotherapy can be challenging to say the least, but lots of us have done it and with the help and tips that people have on here to get you through it are truly amazing. Try not to second guess anything, wait for the team to tell you what they think the best plan is (and they really are working in your very best interests) have a think about all that is discussed and come back and let us know what they intend to do if you can ? Chemo particularly is very different for each of us, what one can tolerate another simply can't.

Wishing you the best of luck, hope that just saying Hi might have helped ? you are not alone.

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Hi Antonietta,

I haven't any actual experience just the same as yours, only that one daughter had a DVT at one point, and has had chemo, and the other lost an ovary due to a cyst on it. 

I think after my daughter had been immobile in hospital on blood thinners for a week, she gradually got back to normal, and has had no more trouble in that direction since. Fast forward many years and 6 years ago she had breast cancer and a course of chemotherapy. She suffered quite a bit after reading other ladies on here! She felt terribly sick the first week after treatment, and felt better being in bed lying down, even with sickness medication. The second week she pottered around the house and by the third week you wouldn't have known anything was wrong with her. It was the same pattern each cycle. I don't think everyone is as badly affected, although its not a walk in the park.

My other daughter once had a cyst on her ovary the size of a tennis ball. They cut her along the bikini line to get it out and she lost the ovary in the process. I'm guessing they are trying to shrink yours to ensure they get everything out. Wishing you all the best. xxxx