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Omentum Cancer

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Hello Ladies,

I hope that you are all coping reasonably well with the Corona virus business and staying in the house.

The weather is so beautiful it seems a shame not to be able to take advantage of it. We are lucky enough to have a garden so have been out there some of the time.

On Tuesday I was summoned to have a CT scan of the chest area,then yesterday I had a phone call to  attend for an appointment with the professor who organised my colonoscopy. I was given the devastating news that my cancer was back,not in the colon as this is clear thankfully. I have quite a bit in the omentum (although not sure what they meant by quite a bit) & some on the lungs. I did go this morning thinking the worst scenario,but of course it was a shock as I have had almost 5 years freedom.

Has anyone else on here had secondaries in the lungs and momentum? I am asking because as yet i will not really know to much until after an MDT next Wednesday & of course the Prof.that I saw this morning is a Specialist in Bowels only. I have now had blood tests & i will have to go for a biopsy before next week.

Any information anyone can give  would be helpful at this stage.

My original diagnosis was Serous type stage 2 grade 3 womb & fallopian tube cancer  & it looks as though I will only be offered chemo,from what I was told this morning & at this point in time I feel as if I have been written off.

Thank you in advance.

Georgette. xx

Little Critter
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Have a look at my profile, if I can be of help please PM me.


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Hi Georgette Sorry to hear be this. I am surprised that you were recalled for a chest CT scan as when I went for my colonoscopy I had a full body CT scan and pelvic MR I. When I recurred it was at the vagina vault so cannot offer anything about your recurrance. Hope some one on here can give you the support you need or maybe one of the other Macmillan site. Take care Dawn xx

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Hi Dawn,

That is very interesting. I think what they saw on the scan prior to colonoscopy was fluid around the spleen,which obviously made them think that there was something else.

I hope that the drug you are on works for you & thank you for taking the trouble to reply to me.

Georgette xx

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Thank you for your response. I have read your profile,& you have certainly been through the mill, but I so hope that the treatment that you are having now works for you.

I will let you know what happens after the MDT meeting next week.

Georgette xxx

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Oh Georgette I'm gutted for you to go that long and then find its come back to haunt you. I recurred at 3 years in a paraortic lymph node that they managed to remove last year. I was just about to go onto yearly scans as the oncologist told me that the majority of cancer recurrs in the first 3 years and as time goes by it becomes less likely. Did you have chemo and RT after your hysterectomy I can't remember. It's all such a lottery, I hope that chemo is effective I really can't think what to say to be honest other  than I'm thinking of you and sending lots of love. Kate xx

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Hello I’m so very sad to read about your recurrence. What an awful blow. I haven’t any knowledge or relevant experience to share. I hope that after  the MDT meeting next week you’ll be given a treatment/action plan and all the support you need by the team who’ll be looking after you. Sending you the gentlest of hugs. You are in my thoughts and prayers xx

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Dear Georgette
So sorry to read this news. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Xx

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I am very sorry to hear about your reaccurrance I am sure it's a lot to process at the moment. I am sure after the MDT meeting you will get more information on your treatment path. I just wanted to send you a gentle hug and to know your in my thoughts and prays right now.

  GBear Xxxx 

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Hello Kate,

I was Stage2 Grade 3 serous type,so I was lucky not to have recurrence before,but I suppose as time After the hysterectomy I had chem, 4 cycles of carbo/taxol, plus brachytherapy.. 

In essence whenever it returns it is always such a shock & I know it must have been the same for you.

Are you alright now though since the removal of the paraortic lymph node. I do hope so & that you remain well.

Thank you so much for your reply it is appreciated.

Lots of love, Georgettexx

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Hello GBear,

Thank you for your thoughtful message. I am feeling not to bad this morning,& know that I must try & stay positive which I am now trying to do. 

I hope that you are keeping alright.x

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Hello Fairycake,

Thank you for your reply which of course is very much appreciated. I think that the reason i was so upset really,was the fact that the Consultant who firstly was not on the gynaelogical side,but also he was abrupt and I felt as if I had been written off. He did say sorry for being abrupt,but it did hit me hard.

Thankfully I do feel better today & once I have had the biopsy done,followed by the MDT meeting I will be more certain of the situation.

Try to stay safe.xx

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Dear Emma,

So lovely of you to send a message. How are you keeping these days,I hope that you are well & managing to stay safe from this Corona virus.xx

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I feel quite a bond with you as I followed your story right from the start.  So after reading your post yesterday I was shocked at your news after nearly 5 years.  I started a couple of replies but cancelled - not knowing quite what to say.  My oncologist  told me at the start that a remote recurrence was always a possibility  and that the lungs were a likely site..   I don't think the fear ever goes away.

Needless to say I am thinking of you and hope that the MDT will come up with several treatment possibilities.  I have certainly read here about people who have good results with hormone treatment.  

It's a rotten trick of fate that you have this extra burden on top of the other health issues surrounding us.  

Much love



(Class of 2015!)

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I am well thank you Georgette and enjoying gardening in beautiful weather.  I feel very privileged as I know this time is so much harder for many, including yourself. I hope you get swift and kind treatment.
Em (also class of 2015). Xx