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The good the bad and ugly and ways of distraction during isolation due to corona virus

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I thought I would set this up as other groups too have looked at trying to cope during all what's going on, the scary stuff to the acts of kindness you have seen or simply what you do to relax and stay connected during isolation.

I will start today, people offered for us to go in front of them in the huge shop queues when we only had 11 items in basket rather then us waiting behind some huge shops. Simple kindness goes along way, away from seeing people fighting to get the last loo roll.

If you need to isolate many shops are opening for you for a short time in the morning although widely said for the elderly most have now said disabled and at risk groups. So it should hopefully be less stressful and it allows you out in a relative safer environment. If anyone can't get out at all then some friends and neighbors have been very kind in offering to get essential food stuffs too. 

Yesterday I made a couple of cards and sorted some art stuff ready to get painting, my art class hoping to do online sessions so great if that happens. I hear there is some great online ideas from exercise classes to mediation. 

Sending big hugs to all, stay safe everyone

  GBear Xxxx 

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“let hope be your lighthouse beckoning you though stormy seas" - Jessica de la Davies

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What a good idea to encourage us to tell some positive incidents in the situation we find ourselves !

Both me and my husband are over 80 so are "staying in"   However we are lucky enough to live a  bit outside London in a smallish town and are close to a woodland path so have been able to take some pleasant walks and still  keep safe. .   I have noticed that although everyone is keeping well away from other walkers they are also more likely to smile from afar and greet people than  before. It's nice because when you are cut off from company even a distant wave is comforting.   

We stood on  a bridge over the main road and watched the traffic go by.  To our amusement some of the drivers waved at us and others hooted in greeting.  It really made us smile!



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