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Womb (uterus) cancer

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Just had my 6th hysteroscopy and biopsy

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Hi ladies,

I haven’t been on here for a little while. Hope everyone is okay! I have been on 200mg provera and the mirena since May last year and my biopsy was clear in August. On Saturday I had another hysteroscopy and biopsy and they said my womb lining looked abnormal. Also said it looked floppy? No idea what that means. I’m concerned my histology results won’t be what I was expecting. I was hoping for another clear so we could be given the green light for fertility. Now I’m wondering if the atypical complex hyperplasia or cancer is back despite being on hormone treatment. I’ve got a 2-3 week wait for the results! Can’t stand this!

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Hi Meg,

I really don't know what this means , but will tag . She will be a mine of information for you, I'm sure. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. xxx