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Womb (uterus) cancer

A place for people affected by womb cancer (also known as uterus or endometrial cancer) to support one another, ask questions, and share their experiences.

Started my treatment journey

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I don’t know how I should start our discussion am very scared and cry a lot . 

ok well on the 11th of jan 2020 I was diagnosed stage 1( G1) Endometrial cancer , had a full hysterectomy, yesterday I was advised it’s still stage 1 but I need radiotherapy due to a few cells showing in my biopsy fro my womb that was removed . Can anyone help with any experiences or what I can expect and is this normal . I am so worried , scared . I am getting married in September this year , my H2B abs family both dudes have been amazing and supportive but I still feel alone at times . Macmillan are my go to , my medical team keep changing the goal post and info is this normal . Am confused any support is good x thank you xx

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Welcome to this wonderful group who helped me such a lot when I was diagnosed in November 2019 and had a hysterectomy on the 30th December. Stage 1a with no further treatment.

I remember feeling so terrified after diagnosis...we all do understand your feelings so well. I am really sorry you find yourself in this situation but I hope we can be of some help to you (everyone here is so lovely!) My own experience was very positive (under the circumstances) and recovery has been good but I still get a bit tired . I feel I’m still recovering and I will need to have regular 3 monthly checks for five years. I still  feel the emotional side quite exhausting in itself. But you will get through this and come through knowing that there’s strength in vulnerability and courage in going through such a life changing experience!

Always ask on here if you’re unsure of anything as no doubt at least one of us will be able to help or share our experiences with you. You’re not on your own x

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Hi x

oh am so happy for you xxx that’s amazing xxx makes me happy x 

I want to feel that again that safety knowing that I will be ok x going back to being excited over our wedding in September . Rather than feeling like this  scared to diet , scared over treatment and diagnoses , feeling alone when not . it’s difficult and being confused . I will call them tomorrow and see x 

yes thank you are all amazing x

loads xx

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Hi I have just replied on the other post on this same subject with my experiences of LVSI and treatment, hopefully it will help you.  I had never heard of it before I was told I had it following surgery and hadn't found this forum unfortunately until I was just about to begin radiotherapy.

Sending hugs,

Lesley xx

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Hi Lesley xx

your reply helps a lot x I have been so upset I am like you . 
I am ok with having the treatment to make me well I really am but it’s the confusing information I have received  x and always when I am alone x it’s to much mentally and very scared x

I am so happy for you it really lifts me xxx thank you xx

hugs Lina xxx