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Womb (uterus) cancer

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Eleven weeks post op

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Hi all

Some of you on here have only just received the news and my heart goes out to you having been in your shoes. 

Because twelve weeks ago I was given the shock news that I had early stage womb cancer and needed a full hysterectomy. 

You will be feeling angry and depressed and in a state of shock but there are lots of lovely ladies on here who will support you on your journey. 

They gave me support when I first joined and it helped no end. 

For me twelve weeks on I am now cancer free.

It is true that your attitude to life alters I know mine has. 

And at the weekend I planted my spring bulbs something twelve weeks ago I couldn't even contemplate.

Take one day at a time and look after yourselves. 

You are strong women.

Take care x

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Thank you for your lovely message, Annie1969!   I have my full hysterectomy on Jan 14th and am feeling exactly how you describe, so it's wonderful to hear that things have gone so well for you and you are back in your garden.  I have an allotment and was wondering if I'd feel able to do spring planting around April time so this gives me hope.   Did you have any radiotherapy or just the operation?  

We are indeed strong women on this forum - and in life in general. Reading some of the stories on here brings me to tears but somehow everyone just battles on.

best wishesxx

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Hi roller coaster ride

Sending hugs your way.  For me I think the waiting to have the operation was the worst as having it done isn't too bad. 

You just need to take it easy after the operation and wear loose comfortable clothing and as some of the ladies told me big knickers!

I was lucky enough that the cancer was only in the polyp which had been previously removed so once I had the hysterectomy that was it for me. 

If your hospital is like me they will provide you with a sheet saying when you can do stuff.  Gardening came at about eleven weeks so I would say you should be OK for gardening in April although I would say everyone has different recovery times.

So get plenty of rest and hopefully you should be back in your allotment soon x

There are lots of strong women on here and their stories inspired me as I was in pieces when I first heard the news. 

Good luck with your op. 

Take care x

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Hi Annie,

I remember replying to you because I'm an Annie too!! My grand daughter calls me Nanny Anny, and its a huge joke!!

Glad you are recovering well. And to , I managed some gentle weeding, kneeling down after 2 weeks. I couldn't bend easily, and as it was summer it was just lovely to out in the fresh air. I didn't attempt digging, or mowing the lawn until after the 3 month mark. That's when my consultant said I should have regained my fitness and she was about right. Bear in mind I had keyhole surgery which is a quicker recovery time.

Good luck.xxx

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Hi Nanny Anny 

Good to hear from you.

Yes I have recovered well went back to work part time after six weeks off and will be back full time when I go back to work on Thursday. 

Happy new year to you and yours xx

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Hi Annie1969

How wonderful for you that you’ve had such a good recovery and outcome. It’s important to hear good news on the forum to remind us there is always hope.

I am five weeks post hysterectomy and still waiting for the final verdict. I will know my fate on 8th January. Knowing there is life after a cancer diagnosis is reassuring.

Best wishes to you for the future 

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Hello Christmas 2019,

I am 6 weeks post up from keyhole hysterectomy, given the all clear on Dec 19th. I have been walking since day 3 after the op, now driving again and am going to attempt a "big"walk tomorrow. I want to start other exercise now but am going to speak to my Doc first for advice as I don't want to undo all the good work. Things do return to some kind of normality, and, I have a different outcome in life now, "don't sweat the small stuff". Hope all goes well tomorrow, whatever the outcome you will hopefully feel better , I found the waiting the worst bit xxx.

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Hi Eagabeava

its so nice to hear from you 

I know you’re right; I will feel better knowing what I have to deal with. This fearful feeling is so alien to me though.

Like most ladies on here I am used to having some control over my life.

Everything is upside down and my fate is in the lap of the gods...sorry for the flowery language; too much vino !

I feel lost and at the mercy of others and plea bargaining with God. 
Beam me up Scotty!

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Do consult with your CNS and GP before exercising. 6 weeks is very early post op, as it takes a minimum of three months to heal internally. My surgeon advised me that I should only do very low impact exercise  after 8-12 weeks post op - walking, swimming, yoga or pilates. I was told to avoid anything high impact like jogging, Zumba, aerobic classes until 6 months post op. Start with something gentle and build up gradually. Xx