ive recently been diagnosed with womb cancer I’ve never felt so scared in all my life !!!! I’m due to have an hysterectomy on the 30th December. It will be great to join the group for support & advise.



  • Hello there AJ,

    Welcome to this incredible group who helped me such a lot when I was diagnosed. Seems like years ago now but I was diagnosed in May and had a hysterectomy in early July. I am 43 with no kids and my main symptom was massive bleeding which resulted in severe anaemia so I needed blood transfusions and a week in hospital. 

    I remember feeling so terrified after diagnosis...we all do understand your feelings so well. I am really sorry you find yourself in this situation but I hope we can be of some help to you (everyone here is so lovely!) My hysterectomy was in July and that’s all the treatment I had as it was confirmed early stage (1A). My own experience was very positive (under the circumstances) and recovery has been good but I still get a bit tired now and then ( don’t we all lol) I work full time in a primary school 730-6 and was back at work in September. 

    I definitely agree it’s a really unsettling time waiting for the op to happen ( I just wanted it done!) I found the emotional side quite exhausting in itself. But you will get through this and come through knowing that there’s strength in vulnerability and courage in going through such a life changing experience!

    Always ask on here if you’re unsure of anything as no doubt at least one of us will be able to help or share our experiences with you. You’re not on your own x Stephy x

  • Thank you so much for your message it really means a lot that you spent the time to reply to me I’m so emotional at the moment but I’m sure I’ll get through this !!! Reading your journey gives me reassurance & strength to get through this awful time of my life !! 


  • Thank you for your kind words xx I just remember those early days so vividly xx You will get through this. The op is booked and you’ll get rid of those mean cells. Here for you if you ever need anything xx

  • Thank you so much 

    AJ xxx

  • Hello, it's  a really scary time, but there's  lots of lovely  helpful ladies here to help with any questions. I  was diagnosed  back in July, it was a shock I  had one small polyp but it contained grade 1 cells. Following my keyhole hysterectomy  in August  I  was staged at 1A.  I am 58 and went through  the menopause at 56 which I suppose is fairly late. Also to add to the worry the day before my hysterectomy my mum was diagnosed  with breast cancer and  had to have a mastectomy at the beginning of  September, but luckily neither of us needed any other treatments. 

  • Thank you what an awful time for you & your mum xxx thank you for your reply x 


  • Hi AJ,

    welcome to the site, although I'm sorry that you have had to join, I was diagnosed back in June 2017 and had my hysterectomy in August 2017 and was stage 1a grade 1 too, so that was all my treatment.

    We have lots of tips to help prepare your hospital bag and for after surgery, when you are ready just ask. If you have any questions or worries please share them, no questions are daft, if you are thinking it we probably have too!

    I was terrified before my surgery, I was wandering about like a robot with a fake smile on my face pretending I was fine, I can honestly say that the operation and whole experience was nowhere near as bad as I feared.

    Lots of love 


  • Thankyou I would appreciate any advice & tips with what to expect with the surgery ? They are hoping to do key hole so fingers crossed and some kind of wash out to check for more cancer cells my MRI was fine and they said it’s at the early stage but can’t be 100% until the operation. How long does it take for the results after the operation?

    thank you 


  • Hi AJ,

    It took around three weeks after my surgery for the results, my team told me to relax and recover while I waited and try to forget about the results, easier said than done but I did try. 

    I had open surgery, laparoscopic is supposed to be a quicker recovery as they don't cut through the stomach muscles. On the morning of my operation I arrived at 7.30am and was changed into a gown, some lovely paper pants and surgical stockings. They took my blood to check my type and weighed me and asked some questions to check what I told them at my pre op appointment. I saw a few different nurses for a minute or two each and then I met the anaesthetist who checked my throat and said he wanted to give me an epidural, I was hesitant about that but agreed he could try but if it wasn't working he would give up. I was taken to theatre about 11.30 (I had a book but couldn't concentrate on it, I think a magazine or puzzles would have been better). The theatre nurse came and checked my name, etc, and took me to the pre op room, the anaesthetist tried to do the epidural but had some trouble so stopped as we had agreed.

    They gave me the general anaesthetic and the next thing I knew I woke up in recovery, I think it was about 2/3pm, I was in the ward with my hubby by 4pm, he was worried as he dropped me off at 7.30 and didn't hear anything for ages, so maybe warn your family it can take a while depending where you are on the list.

    I woke up with a catheter in and was grateful as it meant I didn't need to get out of bed, it came out painlessly the next morning. I was up showered and dressed on my own the morning after my op and encouraged to get my own water from down the hall, etc. 

    I went home after two nights, but wasn't rushed home, I could have stayed. Pain wise I was fine with what they gave me (I didn't have a morphine pump although they said I'd have one). I went home with ibuprofen and paracetamol and was fine with stairs (that was a worry for me as my house had loads). 

    Things I wish I'd taken with me were ear plugs as the ward was noisy, lozenges as I woke with a really dry throat and coughing pulled a bit, windeez as the post op wind is uncomfortable. It's also good to have a cushion to hold against your belly when you cough, sneeze, get up and down and for the car, it makes it much easier.

    They sent me home with surgical stockings to wear for six weeks and blood thinning injections for six weeks (this seems to vary by area and individual) if they want you to wear stockings maybe ask for another pair for washing. 

    If you only listen to one thing, stay on top of your bowels, I waited too long to take something and it wasn't good. Prune juice works well or you can get orange drinks or softener, the hospital might have something on hand.

    lots of love and any questions just ask


  • Thankyou so much for your reply it really means a lot 


    AJ x

  • Hello MargaretRon,

    I was tied up with Grand daughter off school with shingles yesterday, so just catching up!!

    Arla has given a very good account of what will happen. I'll add take a dressing gown. I had to walk miles down public corridors in a hospital gown that had lost its ties at the back! When I was last in hospital you were wheeled there, but not now.

    The other thing is bowels. My husband had a bad experience after an operation leaving it 5 days before he moved them. He was told never to go more than 3 days, so on Day 2   I took some Movicol.  My daughter advised it. It was very gentle and softens the stools. The hospital supplied me with Senecot,but I know from past experience that gives me dreadful pains. I was fine without anything after the first time.

    I was kept in for two days after keyhole surgery because my bladder wouldn't empty. I could not feel a thing and think I was badly bruised. It gradually righted itself. The whole experience was not as bad as I had feared. All the  best xxxx 

  • Thank you for your message it really appreciated