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Post hysterectomy bloating and tenderness

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Hi Christmas,

im glad it's helped, some folk recommend the maternity style pillows too. I had to change sides of the bed after my op as my side was under the sloping roof, my poor husband just had to go along with my demands lol. 


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Hi Smartiepants don't rush to go back to work. I returned after 8 weeks but only made it for 2 days before my boss told me to go back to the doctor and get some more time off. In all I was off for 12 weeks and returned on reduced hours for another 6 weeks  -  it was probably a year before I felt I was back to 'normal' andeven now have the odd twinge or two. Everyone is different and heal at different rates etc. The junior doctor who signed my sick note after my op was very optimistic though as, because I 'only' had keyhole surgery and worked in an office, she only gave me a week off - the nurses were horrified as was my GP!  As the others have advised give your CNS a ring and they will point you in the right direction - like you I have an open appointment and self referral but find it difficult to decide whether I need to contact them or not.

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